10 Mile Point - A Great Victoria Shore Dive

10 Mile Point Dive Site near Victoria, B.C. - photo by Robots4Farms.com 10 Mile Point near Victoria, B.C. is a challenging shore dive and is another favorite British Columbia and Vancouver Island best dive site with great reviews.

The currents (between 1 and 7 knots) sweep through here with varying speeds, so we recommend the site for more experienced scuba divers.

You should also plan your dive at slack tides when possible.

It can also work as an exciting drift dive for those with experience.

As always, dive with a buddy and a local group if possible.

Barnacle and Sponge - photo by Robots4Farms.comUnlike the dives at Ogden Point and Race Rocks, this dive site is in a Victoria residential neighborhood.

Please be considerate of the residents when parking and getting to and from the dive site.

But if you'd like to arrange a custom dive charters to Race Rocks, Swordfish Island, or a number of other unique boat dive sites, try Pacific Pinnacle Dive Charters for memorable dive trips for groups of up to 7 divers.

Getting to 10 Mile Point Dive Site

If you have a GPS, such as the Garmin Nuvi 360 that I use, getting here is a breeze.

Painted Anemone - photo by Robots4farms.comIf not, either contact a Victoria dive shop or purchase a map to find this dive site.

Look on your map for the point in the Cadboro Bay area, and then locate Tudor Avenue which runs the length of the peninsula. Head southeast along Tudor Avenue, which will bend to the left.

Just past that point, take a right on to Baynes Road, and a left on White Rock Street, and then look for a good spot to park near the beach.

Or, print out this map and bring it with you to the 10 Mile point dive area.

What's At 10 Mile Point Dive Site?

The diving at Ten Mile Point in Haro Strait offers some great experiences.

You can see lots of marine life and tons of color if you stay and explore near shore, which increases your dive time, or explore the nearby wall dive at around 30 meters (100 feet).

The density of sea life changes as you move around, but one great area is below the parking area, at around 20-25 meters (70-90 feet).

Diving at 10 Mile Point - Giant Ling CodDuring your dives, you can expect to see tons of color, sea life and vegetation, including kelp, sculpins, cabazon, tons of colorful plumose anemones, cold water sponges and corals, barnacles, scallops, lots of rock fish, giant ling cod, octopus, wolf eels, crabs, colonial ascidians, horseshoe sea squirts, Irish lords, tunicates, and Orcas have even been spotted cruising the area - yikes!?

And to see some amazing underwater photos, as well as a brief dive review, have a look at one viewer's Ten Mile Point website page.

Important 10 Mile Point Information

All dive information on this site is intended for general information purposes only.

Before diving anywhere, talk with an experienced local dive shop in the area you wish to dive.

For more detailed information about many other local southern Vancouver Island area dives, you might want to read Greg Dombowsky's diver's guide: Vancouver Island South.

This book has great detail and sketches about this and other local dive destinations.

When possible, dive with a group, and always dive with a buddy.

Please remember to return and complete a dive site review of this site after your dive.

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