British Columbia Kayaking Tour - "An Absolutely Amazing Experience"

A British Columbia Kayaking Tour in the Orca whale filled waters of Northern Vancouver Island is a wilderness adventure vacation you will never forget.

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British Columbia Sea Kayaking Adventures For Everybody

Orca whales and British Columbia ocean kayaking toursBritish Columbia sea kayaking adventures are famous around the world for their amazing widlife and unspoiled natural beauty.

And thanks to several different options being available, almost anybody can experience an adventure vacation of a lifetime.

Bald eagles and British Columbia ocean kayaking tours - photo courtesy of Sea Kayak AdventuresImagine paddling your kayak past the towering pine trees on the shore, with black bears looking for some dinner.

Behind you playful seals watch your every move, while huge bald eagles soar overhead. And up ahead, a dozen orca whales swim silently past while one breaches just a few meters away from your group.

So that's why the seal took off!!

With all this amazing marine life, it's no wonder the diving in Port Hardy and area is considered some of the absolute best scuba diving in the world.

Tour #1 - Resort based Sea Kayaking Adventures

God's Pocket Resort - photo by Gary Luhm Photography

While there are a number of British Columbia kayaking tour companies that operate in this area of Northern Vancouver Island, Sea Kayak Adventures is highly recommended and offers several great kayak packages in British Columbia (and in the warmer waters of Mexico.) In their February 2009 issue, National Geographic Adventure Magazine rated Sea Kayak Adventures as one of the "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth" in 2009.

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Each summer, they take over one of the most popular British Columbia dive resorts in the area, and offer amazing resort based British Columbia kayaking tours.

Leaving Port Hardy on a water taxi, you will pass rugged mountains and shorelines, forested islands, and the wildlife full waters of Queen Charlotte Strait on your way to the world renowned, ruggedly comfortable, 'God's Pocket Resort.'

Kayaks at God's Pocket Resort - photo by Gary Luhm Photography While not fancy, this rustic wilderness resort offers the most amazing ocean front views imaginable, along with seven comfortable and clean rooms, private and hot baths, great company and terrific food.

Your kayaking adventure begins with some general instruction and safety discussions, followed by several exciting days of paddling around the local sheltered scenic waterways.

While you paddle, watch out for various types of whales, porpoises, eagles, seals, sealions, sea otters, and lots of other wildlife on the surface, as well as starfish, octopus, and loads of other marine life in the shallower waters.

You'll even paddle above the world famous Browning Wall - rated as one of the best wall dives in the world due to its spectacular variety and colors of marine life.

At the end of each exciting day of kayaking (or choose a day off to explore if you wish), you return to the lodge to relax, unwind, and enjoy a gourmet meal and glass of wine while you watch the amazing sunset, and relax by the campsite on their waterside deck.

Resort based British Columbia ocean kayaking and great sites at God's Pocket ResortOther activities to enjoy include learning about the area's natural history, enjoying campfires on the nearby beach, a short night paddle to view the night paddle to see the legendary phosphorescence, or bioluminescence as it swirls eerily around your paddle, games, books, or videos, and wonderful scenic hikes.

Because of the resort base and the sheltered waters, this makes an ideal family adventure holiday with kids as young as 12-13 being allowed.

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Tour #2 - Kayaking With Orcas

Orca whales and British Columbia ocean kayaking toursWhile you may encounter orca whales on any British Columbia kayaking tour, a kayaking sea trip in Johnstone Strait presents one of the best chances of kayaking with British Columbia's orca whales.

This scenic & sheltered, glacier carved waterway between the northeast coast of Vancouver Island and the snow-capped mountains of the mainland, is one of the best opportunities anywhere to view orcas close up from a kayak, since this area contains the highest density of killer whales anywhere in the northern hemisphere.

This British Columbia kayaking tour area includes the world's only orca preserve - Michael Biggs Robson Bight Ecological Preserve.

The rugged beauty of this area with hundreds of forested islands and rainforests, amazing marine life and ancient First nations historical sites make this an amazing British Columbia adventure.

Orca whales and British Columbia ocean kayaking toursThis British Columbia kayaking tour in the heart of Orca territory departs from Telegraph Cove on Vancouver Island, and comfortable camps are set up on secluded island beaches, offering incredible scenery and awesome kayaking tours in peak orca areas.

Their friendly and experienced guides ensure you safely maximize your orca watching opportunities. All gear and instruction is included, and novices are welcome on this British Columbia kayaking sea tour.

This is a 5 or a 6 day British Columbia kayaking tour in July through September and is for beginner to intermediate kayakers over the age of around 15. View their 2010 Kayak with orcas itinerary here.

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Tour #3 - Wilderness Islands Kayaking Sea Tour

Amazing scenery and British Columbia ocean kayaking toursTheir third British Columbia ocean kayaking tour is called the Wilderness Islands Expedition.

Kayaking in Queen Charlotte Strait and God's Pocket Provincial Park offers fantastic paddling in a remote island archipelago with wilderness campsites, secluded kayaking away from other people, and incredible wildlife including humpback whales, sea otters, Steller's sea lions; pristine intertidal and old growth forest.

If you enjoy nature and wilderness adventures, this Canada kayaking sea trip is a must! This ocean kayaking adventure takes you into an area of extraordinary wilderness offering secluded kayaking away from other people, scenic campsites and incredible wildlife encounters, just off northern Vancouver Island in BC.

Chances are you will encounter humpback, orca and minke whales, seals, sea lions, sea otters, porpoises and eagles while paddling your kayak on a route through the wild, remote island chain and intricate channels making up God's Pocket Provincial Marine Park and Queen Charlotte Strait.

Amazing scenery, bald eagles and British Columbia ocean kayaking toursExperience by kayak a marine environment few others share - bioluminescence glimmering in the kayak wake, the shrill call of an bald eagle perched in a nearby treetop, numerous sea stars and anemones just below the waterline, and islands rich in native history.

Your adventure includes a water taxi ride at one end so you can go deeper into places far from civilization.

The meeting point for our six days of adventure is the north Vancouver Island town of Port Hardy.

The snow-capped mountains of mainland British Columbia create a stunning backdrop as ypur kayak tour heads out into the straits to island-hop.

This is more than just a vacation - this is an escape that stimulates and enriches your life. Naturalist guides, gourmet meals, high quality equipment, superb whale watching and all the special details British Columbia is known for can be found on this trip.

This is a 6 day British Columbia kayaking tour in August and is generally for intermediate kayakers over the age of around 15.

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