Christmas Point In The Saanich Inlet - A Unique Dive Site

Cloud Sponge in Saanich Inlet - Photo by Charles SeabornChristmas Point in the Saanich Inlet is another local favorite dive site near Sidney and Victoria, British Columbia.

Christmas Point is a boat dive on the south-west shore of Saanich Inlet, with a buoy marking the dive site that has made our list as one of Vancouver Island's Best dive sites.

Since most of the best life to see is at depths over 60' (at around 100'-120'), it is considered an intermediate to advanced dive site.

Being in the Saanich Inlet, strong tides and currents are generally not an issue, but algae blooms and plankton can be a problem in the summer months.

Luxury PADI Dive Resort in Brentwood BayThis unique dive site and the rest of the Saanich Inlet is well served by Rockfish Divers, who operate out of the beautiful Brentwood Bay Luxury Lodge and Spa.

This is one of British Columbia's best PADI accredited scuba resorts.

As you swim down the slope by the buoy you will come across a wall that drops straight down from about 70-80 feet.

At around 100 feet you'll see lots of unique cloud sponges.

Be very careful with your buoyancy as these amazing sponges are very fragile and take hundreds of years to grow as big as they are.

Unfortunately, many have been damaged by fishermen and their downriggers that frequent the area.

They are also extremely sharp and can be very irritating to the skin so be double careful not to touch.

You will also see lots of quillback rockfish, lingcod, crabs, starfish, swimming anemones, nudibranchs,solitary tunicates, jelly fish, and sometimes seals come to visit.

Wolf Eel in Saanich Inlet - photo by Dan HershmanYou may also see wolf eels, octopus or even six gill sharks in the area.

Depending on the time of year and the weather, visibility can be 100' or more in this area.

This website I found has some beautiful pictures of Christmas Point that you won't want to miss.

John Rawlings of Advanced Diver Magazine dives in British Columbia often and also has this dive review of his recent trip to Saanich Inlet.

There are a number of other great dive sites in the Saanich Inlet area that will be added to this list over time, each one has something a little different to offer:

- McCurdy Point

- Senanus Island

- Wain Rock

- Arbutus Island

- Repulse Rock

There is also a 'secret spot' that one of our viewers added great pictures and a dive review to on his Saanich Inlet webpage.

There are dive areas perfect for snorkelers, beginner divers and sites for those who are advanced or tech divers.

As always, plan your dive and dive your plan - dive safe.

For more information about diving in the Saanich Inlet area, contact us for our recommended Vancouver Island dive operator for these great dives.

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Saanich Inlet - Christmas Point