Do I Need Dive Boots and Mitts?

Scuba diving Boots - Photo courtesy of LesiurePro.comThe easy answer is yes - dive boots and mitts are a necessary part of your personal gear for diving in British Columbia.

Wear them to help keep you warm and to protect you from marine life stings, bites and scrapes.

The shoes are made of neoprene, have a zipper to make them easier to put on and take off, and have a ribbed, flexible rubber sole.

The sole makes it easier to walk on hot sand, rocks, shells, dead coral and slippery surfaces.

Find a pair that fit snug but do not cause any rubbing or blisters.

And always thoroughly rinse and dry them after each dive trip.

Scuba Equipment zipper wax - Photo courtesy of LeisurePro.comScuba Dive Tip: Occasionally rub the zipper lightly with a wax stick to ensure years of easy zipper movement.

Scuba dive gloves are also made of neoprene and are generally the same for use with either a wetsuit or a drysuit.

Scuba equipment - dive gloves (Photo courtesy of they fit well since it is hard to grasp objects underwater with them on - the closer the fit the better the grip.

Scuba boots and gloves are pretty basic in terms of pricing.

You can either pick them up at your local dive retailer, or conveniently order them on-line.

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Scuba Equipment - Dive Boots and Gloves