Dive Travel Insurance - Be Safe, Be Protected for all your adventures

DAN travel adventure insurance - get a competitive quote

Dive Travel Insurance is essential for any scuba diving vacation, whether it is for diving in British Columbia or anywhere else in the world.

Cooldives recommends DAN travel insurance, which isn't just for divers - DAN travel insurance should be considered for any vacation - sight seeing, snorkeling, diving, hiking, skiing, boating, zip lining, or any other type of exciting adventure.

Divers Alert Network (DAN) is known world-wide as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) dive safety organization. Their mission is to help divers in need of medical emergency assistance and to promote dive safety through research, education, products and services.

Why Buy Adventure Travel Insurance?

Plan your dive and dive your plan, right?

No matter how much you plan, Murphy's Law always tries to spoil your vacation...

- bad weather conditions may cause your holiday to be delayed or cancelled resulting in lost payments or deposits,

- emergencies beyond your control could cause you to cancel your trip early, causing you to lose payments already made and incur additional rescheduling expenses,

- your luggage and/or travel documents could be lost or stolen causing you to buy additional clothes, equipment, or supplies and you could be stranded and stuck paying extra expenses to get home,

- strikes or other difficulties with the airline, cruise line, tour or dive charter operator causing you to cancel or change your plans,

- travel delays, weather complications, and many, many other events could happen causing you to lose what you have already paid and/or incur additional expenses.

For all these reasons, we recommend you obtain a simple quote for dive travel insurance.

With DAN dive travel insurance (and for all vacations), your loss does not have to be related directly to your inability to make a dive.

The reasons for the loss of the trip may expand to the illness of your traveling companion or missing the tour because you were detained by a traffic accident on the way to the airport.

DAN Trip Insurance also supplements the limits for delayed and lost baggage, medical expenses and similar coverage offered in their Preferred Plan.

In addition, DAN Trip Insurance Insureds have access to non-insurance services, such as a 24/7 travel rebooking service in the event that you are delayed in transit and require assistance getting your flights or accommodations changed.

DAN Membership and dive accident insurance provides TravelAssist in case you need medical evacuation while away from home on a trip.

It also covers medical expenses related specifically to a dive emergency.

DAN Trip Insurance covers problems relating to other emergencies.

The two programs complement each other.

DAN Trip Insurance is a custom plan, developed by Travel Guard specifically for DAN Members.

Travel Guard is the world's leading trip insurance provider and underwritten by AIG.

Why Choose DAN/Travel Guard Insurance?

One key difference is that DAN's dive travel insurance is not age-graded.

Premiums are based only on trip cost, not the age of the travelers or other factors. This makes DAN Trip Insurance an especially good value for travelers over the age of 40.

It does not include duplicate coverage (emergency medical evacuation which is already included in your DAN Membership.

Plan is available to residents of U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam.

All phone calls answered within 30 seconds, on average.

Assistance is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A zero defect tolerance for customer satisfaction.

All claims reviewed by an experienced analyst within 24 hours.

Claims payment is finalized within 24 hours of receipt of final documentation.

The "Fairness Principle" -- all denied claims are sent to a mediator for review and the mediator's decision is honoured.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption = Tour Cost

Travel Delay - ($200 maximum per day) $1,000

Baggage & Travel Documents - $1,000

Baggage Delay - $200

Medical Expense - $10,000

Accidental Death & Dismemberment - $25,000

Livetravel - Included

Live Messaging - Included

Emergency Cash Transfer - Included

Pre-trip Travel Advice - Included

For all these reasons, we recommend you obtain a simple online quote for dive travel insurance.