Dive Vancouver Island's Other Great Coast

Dive Vancouver Island with Tahtsa Dive ChartersDive Vancouver Island's other excellent coast with the best dive charter operator in Nootka Sound - Tahtsa Dive Charters.

The inside passage between Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of BC is known to host some of the world's best diving, but the beautiful, rugged West Coast of Vancouver Island is full of history, culture and great dive sites as well.

One area that I recommend for any experienced diver is Nootka Sound, the birthplace of modern day British Columbia.

Dive Vancouver Island with Tahtsa Dive Charters - Tahsis Inlet photo by Barb RoyAnd the Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island dive charter operator that I recommend is Tahtsa Dive Charters, owned by the very friendly and knowledgeable, Jude and Scott Schooner.

Per John Rawlings, expert diver, underwater photographer, and journalist with Advanced Diver Magazine,"It is my trip with them that I covered in my article that appeared in ADM issue # 28. They are outstanding people and I recommend them and their operation highly."

Their Nootka Sound dive shop is located in Tahsis, British Columbia, which is about an hour and a half away from Gold River.

Detailed instructions and maps can be found on the Tahtsa Dive Charters website.

Dive Tahsis, Vancouver Island with Tahtsa Dive ChartersThey are perfectly set-up to provide a fantastic West Coast eco-adventure, with scuba diving, First Nations cultural tours, wildlife and whale watching tours, ocean kayak rentals and eco-adventure tours.

Their Nootka Sound area has made our list as one of Vancouver Island's Best dive sites.

Diving Adventures in Nootka Sound

For scuba divers, they have the area's only local dive shop and dive charter operation.

The shop carries a few dive equipment replacement parts such as mask and fin straps and zipper wax (which you should already have in your Save-a-dive kit) and a full line of rental equipment (except for dry suits), a point and shoot camera, as well as single and double kayaks for rent.

They have air and nitrox, and may be offering trimix in the near future.

Dive Vancouver Island with Tahtsa Dive Charters - Notorious photo by Valerie LyttleThey are also Scuba Diving International (SDI) certified to teach Open Water Dive courses so you can get your scuba diving license, and can provide a guide divemaster service for your dives if required.

Notorious, their 30' dive boat easily accommodates a group of up to eight scuba divers in comfort and carries all required safety equipment including first aid and emergency oxygen.

They also carry loads of fresh water to rinse gear and camera equipment.

Remember - October to May is one of the best times to dive in British Columbia, and on cool British Columbia days when hot drinks and warm soup are needed in-between your CoolDives, their galley is equipped to provide a cheerful pick-me-up.

And for those of us who don't like the thought of 'warming up the wetsuit,' an enclosed head is available.

Dive Vancouver Island with Tahtsa Dive Charters - Six gill sharkSome of the dive Vancouver Island sites they regularly visit include Mozino Point, a renowned spot where you can see Cloud Sponges, Gorgonian Corals, and blankets of strawberry anemones that are breath-taking.

You may even encounter British Columbia's famous yet elusive 6 Gill Sharks or a Giant Pacific Octopus or two?

Other dive Vancouver Island sites to investigate at Nootka Sound are Boulder Alley, The Zoo, and Shark Point. Reviews will be coming soon.

Barkley Sound and fish eating anemone - Photo by John RawlingsThere are currently many dive sites for all levels of divers in Nootka Sound, and new sites are being discovered and added to the available dives daily.

They also host a "Sea Fan Expedition" special in October which is designed to help them protect the Gorgonian corals in our area.

There are already a number of respected photo journalists and marine biologists coming to dive vancouver Island corals, which is open to all divers who are confident in their skills.

While there are many great dives for all levels in the area, most of these dives will be in excess of 100 feet.

Dive Tahtsa Dive Charters and coral at 93 feet - Gorgonian Coral photo by John RawlingsBe part of this good cause - checkout their news release on their Dive Vancouver Island Tahtsa Dive Charters website.

Diving Packages in Nootka Sound

Here at CoolDives.com, you can contact us to put together some great travel, accommodation, meal and dive Vancouver Island packages with Tahtsa Dive Charters.

Or if you contact them directly, ask them about CoolDives pricing, or fill in the form below and we'll help organize your dive trip or holiday.

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