Divecaching British Columbia

What is divecaching British Columbia you ask?

It is an exciting new addition to the leisure activity known as geocaching, which is a fun, fast growing, family-friendly form of treasure hunting.

Geocachers use GPS devices, smartphones with GPS functions, maps, compasses, secret clues and curiosity to seek out special little hidden treasure caches around the world.

Chances are you passed numerous geocaches today without even knowing it.

There are already over 5 million geocaches which can be found in over a hundred countries world-wide, on each of our 7 wonderful continents, and there are over one and a half million people (geocachers) already registered and actively searching.

Divecaching British Columbia is therefore the combining of Geocaching with the amazing world-class scuba diving (and perhaps snorkeling) that is found in the cool, emerald green waters of British Columbia.

Jacques Cousteau declared that the temperate, emerald colored Pacific Ocean near British Columbia, with its' clear water, colorful marine life and beautiful, safe and protected coastlines provides for some of the best cool water diving in the world and the best in North America.

British Columbia is becoming famous for being the best dive destination value in North America, best dive destination in the world, best wall diving in the world, healthiest marine environment, best macro environment, and many other scuba awards.

So now, you can experience our fantastic British Columbia diving while looking for underwater geocaches.

Try new dive sites, practice and improve your dive and navigation skills, and create a world-wide legacy of where you have been.

Divecache ducky - help find him a new homeSome British Columbia dive charter operators, such as GreenSea Diving in Courtenay, are offering custom divecaching boat charters and divecaching training programs, and other local dive shops, such as Union Bay Diving in Courtenay and Nanaimo Dive Outfitters in Nanaimo are actively involved in divecaching British Columbia by building and hiding underwater treasures.

You can even participate in the Great Rubber Ducky Challenge by signing up at Divecaching.ca and helping the rubber ducky to find a new home.

Divecaching Rules

- Standard scuba diving rules apply – NEVER dive beyond your experience and training and NEVER dive without a buddy.

- Some caches are set up with removable items – to either keep or typically to move to a different divecache so users can follow its’ movements. If you take an item, always leave an item of equal or greater value for other divers to find (unless it's supposed to be moved)

- Sign the underwater log book found within the cache, and document your findings in your divecache logbook and online at Geocaching.com and Divecaching.ca where you can find geocaching and divecaching British Columbia and other dive location information.

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How Does Divecaching Work?

Pretty well anyone can build and hide an underwater divecache, but it is typically a local British Columbia dive shop or dive group that has been putting caches together and hiding them underwater.

The 'hider' is normally responsible for checking on the geocache from time to time and ensuring it is in tact, as well as keeping the online information up to date.

Caches are generally made up of various items including an underwater slate or waterproof logbook for divers to sign, tokens, cool toys or trinkets, decorated rocks, and other various waterproof knick knacks.

Sometimes they will include clues that are to be combined with clues from other nearby caches to solve a puzzle, or little games to play and return.

They can include almost anything really - the more interesting the cache, the more divers will want to check it our for themselves.

Don’t include any degradable items or food items, as critters may find a way to take them without signing the logbook!

They are then placed in a durable container, such as a mesh bag, Tupperware container, or a PVC pipe tube and placed in a secret location.

Sometimes moveable and trackable items are used, known as SWAG (Something We All Get). These items are designed to be removed and are meant to be placed in another dive cache as soon as possible once removed. Divers log what they find and where you found it and you can watch the SWAG travel.

The item (such as the rubber ducky) is usually labeled with a name or code that can be found on the divecache websites and logged so users can follow the route it takes around the world.

When hiding (and later looking for) the divecache, be sure the item is hidden enough so that other divers who aren’t divecaching won’t see and unknowingly remove the item, is not destroying the home of any marine life or causing damage to the environment in any way, yet is easy enough to find that trained geocachers following directions and using GPS and compass tools, can find the treasure.

Once hidden, email cooldives@shaw.ca with some basic information (and maybe a picture of your cache) to be added to this page, and post the location of your divecache on Geocaching.com and Divecaching.ca.

For others to enjoy divecaching British Columbia, you need to include suitable site location information, such as the name of the divesite, as well as clues to help other divers to find it, such as entry or mooring point GPS coordinates and instructions/compass headings and distance from the entry point, depth, landmarks, and other fun clues.

British Columbia Divecaches

The number of British Columbia divecaches is growing, and with your help we will add in location information below as we hear about it....

- Rivtow Lion Divecache, Nanaimo

- Snake Island Divecache, Nanaimo

- Tyee Divecache, Nanaimo

Custom divecache boat dive charters and accommodation packages are available to any area between Campbell River and Nanaimo through GreenSea Diving.

Dive equipment can be purchased/rented from these local dive shops that support divecaching:

Nanaimo Dive Outfitters (in Nanaimo of course)

Union Bay Diving (in Courtenay)

More divecaching British Columbia information can be found at Geocaching.com and Divecaching.ca.

Contact us to submit your divecaching British Columbia information

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