Heron Rocks Wall - Hornby Island British Columbia

Giant Pacific Octopus (courtesy Nautilus) for diving in British ColumbiaHeron Rocks Wall is another favorite BC dive site that is considered by locals to have lots of something for everyone.

Located at the south end of Hornby Island near Lambert Channel, this is typically a boat or kayak dive for all levels of divers and and has made our list as one of Vancouver Island's Best dive sites.

It is also not too far from another popular dive site - Flora Islet.

One Vancouver Island dive boat charter operator that regularly frequents this area is GreenSea Diving.

What You'll See at Heron Rocks Wall

Pair of wolf eels (courtesy Nautilus) for diving in British ColumbiaHeron Rocks is a beautiful wall that is full of all kinds of color, marine life and invertebrates.

The wall starts at about 50fsw and continues down all the way to 150fsw with a few interesting ledges along the way.

You can expect to see Wolf eels and Giant Pacific Octopus if you're lucky, as well as the usual suspects like large Ling Cod, white Plumous Anemones, Rock Scallops, lots of various rock fish, anemones, various star fish, giant red urchins, and loads of other color and marine life.

It's a shear vertical wall with lots of nooks and crannies to explore and with good viz its a stunningly beautiful dive.

On the surface you might even find sealions sunbathing on the exposed rock.

What's also nice that it's only 5 minutes from a small marina (Ford Cove) and safety from the weather if it comes up too, since high winds are quite typical in this area.

According to Matt Arnold, a very experienced diver in the area, it's the best wall he has ever dove in BC!

Until we get chance to dive this site, we'll just have to take his word on that.

Hornby Island Dive Charters

Heron Rocks wall dive charter operatorLocated just across from the Courtenay/Comox area on Vancouver Island, we recommend the dive charter services of GreenSea Diving for your Heron Rocks Wall diving.

They can provide rental gear, charter boat with gourmet lunches, divemaster/dive instructor services, and can also provide very reasonable priced accommodation at their Crown Isle Resort rental condo.

Contact Cooldives to help arrange your Gulf Island or Vancouver Island dive charter or diving vacation.

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