Hunt Rock - Another Great Port Hardy Dive Site

Port Hardy Scuba Diving - Hunt Rock areaHunt Rock Dive site near Port Hardy - We don’t know what’s in the water up here on Northern Vancouver Island (besides lots of great nutrients and oxygen from the currents and upwelling) but everything is SO big and plentiful!

What we do know is that this is another one of the best and most popular Vancouver Island dive sites around.

As with other dives in the Port Hardy area, there can be strong currents in this area so plan to dive at slack with an experienced Hunt Rock local dive operator and group.

Our favorite Port Hardy charter operator and beautiful resort is God's Pocket Resort.

Port Hardy Scuba Diving - Giant Pacific Octopus (photo by Richard Salas) hspace=This dive site is comprised of two pinnacles that rise from the ocean floor some 75 meters (240 feet) below, to within about 8 meters (25 feet) of the surface, which is teeming with life among the kelp and other seaweed.

Dropping below the surface kelp you will see marine life that is similar to Browning Wall, except it will be bigger.

You can also expect to see some very large rockfish, and if you are lucky, you will probably get to meet Hunter and Huntress, the local mated wolf eels who live here and are very comfortable with divers.

Port Hardy Scuba Diving - Wolf Eel

If you look carefully, you will find other wolf eel dens and even an octopus den or two.

Port Hardy Scuba Resorts

Two popular dive operators in the Port Hardy area that offer trips to this dive site include the God's Pocket Resort and the Browning Pass Hideaway.

The Mamro liveaboard used to offer trips but stopped operating for the 2014 season.

Please plan your dive and dive your plan, and remember to return here and submit your dive review for other divers to read.

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