Judi Wild - Internationally Renowned Wildlife Artist"

Judi Wild - British Columbia Nature and Wildlife ArtistJudi Wild is an internationally renowned artist who was born in Alberta but now makes the lower mainland of British Columbia her home.

After many years of struggling to work a day job while trying to create her works of art, Judi finally decided to concentrate on her art full time.

While she has always had an appreciation for nature and wildlife, her later works reveal both her fascination for the legends and beliefs of the ancient British Columbia Coastal First Nations tribes and her respect and concern for the environment.

Judi Wild - Spirit BearHer watercolor style is quite unique. She uses a limited palette and a labour-intensive dry-brush technique.

Judi begins by applying several layers of transparent color over a completed pencil drawing, followed by hours & hours of intricate detailed work.

Her images have remarkable depth to them, so much so that it is hard to believe that the artist is working on a flat surface.

Because it takes hundreds of hours to finish each painting, she is only able to complete one major piece per year.

Her art is now in demand world-wide, and we are honored to be able to promote it here.

Her entire Ninstints Collection, which, along with her other work, can be viewed on Judi Wild's website, has been accepted into the Canadian national Archives.

Judi Wild - Spirits Set of 4 CollagesJudi's Spirits Series of 4 collages, viewed here, took 5 years to complete and have been acquired by collectors world-wide.

My favorite of The Spirit Set is Spirits of the Whales - how about yours?

We hope you enjoy her work as much as we do.

Her collection can be viewed on her website.

If you wish to purchase a work of art from Judi, please mention her listing on CoolDives, and she will personally autograph your purchase prior to shipping it out.

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