Kelp and Critters - a journey through 4 seasons of marine life in the Pacific Northwest

Kelp and Critters DVD

A journey through 4 seasons of marine life in the Pacific Northwest Emerald Sea

Kelp and Critters is an inspirational, fund raising dvd put together by some well known Pacific Northwest marine stewards, Peter Mieras and Kathy Johnson of Rendezvous Dive Resort.

This souvenir dvd is a great reminder of your wonderful scuba diving vacation in British Columbia.

In their words, "The waters that border the Pacific Northwest are one of the richest areas of any ocean in the world.

Stretching from Oregon all the way to Alaska, these waters house an amazing array of life.

This Kelp and Critters dvd takes you on a journey through 4 seasons of marine life in the Pacific Northwest introducing you to many of its underwater inhabitants and discovering their lives.

Witness the interaction between fish, invertebrate life and mammals in their environments of salt water, kelp, eelgrass and rocks.

This collection of often unique footage represents 3 years of underwater filming, tide-pool watching and above water footage."

Pacific Northwest Stewards

Kelp and Critters Pacific Northwest images

With memorable images of wild orcas, breaching humpbacks, mysterious six gill sharks, colorful corals, sponges and other invertebrate life, proceeds from the sale of this souvenir diving in British Columbia dvd will be put towards worthwhile local environmental and marine causes such as:

- supporting the Vancouver Aquarium with various projects such as annual Lingcod egg mass count, rockfish surveys and wolf-eel research projects

- various support and projects with the Bamfield Marine Science Center

- being a first responder for the BC Marine Mammal Response Network

- volunteer diving on snagged or abandoned fishing nets to safely remove them from reefs

- support of the annual shark survey week where the waters of Barkley Sound are surveyed for the presence of six gill sharks. Although divers look for these sharks from May until October the peak of the six gill encounters is August and September. The sharks are documented and filmed or photographed and an annual log is maintained to keep track of this species, and

- operating as responsible stewards of our oceans and are involved in many projects to help directly and indirectly in keeping Barkley Sound as healthy as possible. Apart from the obvious things they do like "reduce, reuse and recycle" investing in cleaner and more efficient energy etc.

Click above for a preview of what you can expect with your souvenir fund raising dvd.

The price is only $20.00 plus HST, with net proceeds helping these Emerald Sea stewards and their various worthwhile causes.

The dvd is also in a format that is recognizable world-wide.

Contact us for more information or to order your Kelp and Critters dvd, or complete the form below and you will be contacted to arrange for your purchase.

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