Nanaimo Diving - The Hub of Diving on Vancouver Island

Nanaimo dive charter - Sea Dragon dive chartersNanaimo Diving, centrally situated on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, has plenty to offer snorkelers and divers, from beginners to professional wreck penetration divers.

Nanaimo is about a 1 1/2 hour drive north from Victoria, and is also easily assessable by BC Ferry (via the Duke Point Ferry Terminal) from Horseshoe Bay or Tsawwassen on the Lower Mainland.

And with the 2011 addition of Sea Dragon Charters as a popular Nanaimo dive charter operator, divers are eager to sign up for some of Nanaimo's popular boat dives.

Many Nanaimo dive sites have made our list as one of Vancouver Island's Best dive sites.

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Nanaimo Diving with Sea Dragon Charters

Sea Dragon Charters, popular in Vancouver and Howe Sound for many years, are now operating their dive vessel “Sea Dragon” out of Departure Bay Marina, which is the closest marina to the Departure Bay ferry terminal.

With the Sea Dragon conveniently moored beside the dock ramp, loading and unloading your cool water scuba gear is easy and convenient.

The Sea Dragon in Nanaimo is 37 feet long,can accommodate up to 10 divers and all their gear, and is the largest dive charter boat in the Nanaimo area.

Sea Dragon Charters for wreck in NanaimoAmenities include standing and seated tank racks, swim grid, walk-through transom, great dive ladder, head, galley, and nice upper decks for sunny day sight-seing or sun tanning during your surface intervals.

This Nanaimo dive boat - the Sea Dragon also features:

• 37 foot aluminum Alwest customized for dive charters

• Standing tank racks for easy donning of equipment

• Walk-through transom for easy entries and exits

• Dive ladder for easy boarding

• Trail and tag lines to be used in case of current

• Spacious decks

• Roomy interior for warmth between dives in winter

• On board head, first aid, oxygen, VHF, GPS, stereo, heater

• Hot and cold running water

• 16 person emergency life raft

• Fire safety equipment

• CSI inspected

Spots on the Nanaimo 'Sea Dragon' fill up fast, particularly on weekends, so we suggest booking your dive early via the on-line dive reservation request form on the bottom of this page.

Nanaimo diving may be known as the wreck diving capital of the Pacific Northwest, but the wall dives, drift dives, and rocky reef areas are also amazing dive sites for all levels of divers.

Popular Nanaimo Dive Sites

HMCS Saskatchewan - artificial reef

HMCS Cape Breton - artificial reef

Rivtow Lion - artificial reef

Dodd Narrows Nanaimo Diving - drift dive

Clarke Rock

Clarke Rock is a great site for divers of all experience levels. Located in Hammond Bay, this rocky pinnacle is home to a wide variety of marine life which seems to be different every time we go there. You will have a good chance of seeing Octopus and wolf eels here.

Gabriola Bluffs

Gabriola Bluffs are sheer walls that drop into the ocean drop to a depth of 270 feet! There are lots of nooks and crannies to look for critters of all types and you will most likely encounter a Giant Pacific Octopus on this dive. Divers should have good buoyancy skills for this dive.

Gabriola Passage

Gabriola Passage is a drift dive done close to slack tide as the currents here can also reach 8 knots. Due to the constant movement of water and mixing of nutrients, there is a great variety of marine life here and lots of it.

Orlebar Point

Orlebar Point is a great wall dive off Gabriola Island. Work your way down through the shallows to a depth of about 60 feet and you come to a sheer wall and overhang that reaches depths of over 200 feet. Lots of invertebrates can be found here as the current through this area can be very strong.

Snake Island Wall

Snake Island wall drops to well over 600 feet and has a nice overhang once you get past 100 feet. Lots of Plumose anemones make their homes on the wall and you may even run into a Harbour Seal or two.

Snake Island Seal Dive

What can we say but these guys are great fun to dive with! They’re a lot more laid back and shy than the Sealions we encounter around here. This is a great photo-op and these guys won’t intimidate you like the sea lions can. This is a very shallow dive (10-25 feet) and if you prefer, you can just snorkel it, but many prefer to use their tanks.

Jessie Island

Over time, the ocean has eroded this sandstone island, creating some very unusual underwater topography here. There is tons of life on this little wall and we have seen Octopus as well as juvenile Wolf Eels here. This Nanaimo scuba diving site is a very easy dive suitable for all skill levels. The maximum depth is about 80 feet.

Nanaimo Dive Stores - Equipment Rentals, Air Fills

Sink or Swim Scuba

• Located on Mostar Road in Nanaimo, B.C.

• PADI Training Facility

• PADI scuba certification lessons, equipment repairs, sales and rentals, air fills

Sundown Diving

• Located on Esplanade Street in Nanaimo, B.C.

• PADI Training Facility

• PADI scuba certification lessons, equipment repairs, sales and rentals, air fills

The Dive Outfitters

• Located on Northfield Road in Nanaimo, B.C.

• PDIC Training Facility

• PDIC scuba certification lessons, equipment repairs, on-line equipment sales, equipment rentals, air fills

And another dive charter operator to consider is Just Dive in Adventures

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