Nancy Anna Brown - B.C. artist, designer and photographer

Nancy Anna Brown - artist, designer and photographer

Another of our favorite local BC artists is Nancy Anna Brown, who, after volunteering as part of the Cooldives Annapolis clean-up crew, was inspired to create a beautiful new series of original acrylic paintings.

Seeing beauty where others just saw an old, former helicopter carrying destroyer that was being meticulously cleaned to become the latest British Columbia artificial reef, Nancy took a series of photos while touring the ship that somehow captured colors and textures that previously went unnoticed. 

While the ‘art’ seen in our first glance at her Annapolis photos took us by surprise, Nancy Anna Brown’s photography and artistic skills are well known by others who have seen her many creations. 


First view of the Annapolis - photo by Nancy Anna Brown

During her twenty years as an artist/designer and photographer, Nancy has explored the often overlooked details of nature and the manufactured world.

Her photography has been short listed for National Geographic Magazine, published in Photoshop Creative Magazine and appears on the front cover of several books and web pages.

Raised in Germany during the early years of her life, Nancy Brown was influenced by Europe’s vast world of design, art and architecture. In 1989 she returned to her birth country, Canada, and has lived in British Columbia since.

Original Annapolis Acrylic Paintings

Annapolis stern - photo by Nancy Anna Brown

Nancy's macro photographs of the Annapolis ship became the basis for a series of beautiful and unique Annapolis acrylic paintings, which may eventually include underwater Annapolis paintings as well as these wonderful topside originals, with the Annapolis expected to be sunk in Halkett Bay, Howe Sound in 2013.

The acrylic paintings have vivid colors and textures, that if you look close enough on the Annapolis before or right after she sinks (with a dive light to replace the colors) you may even be able to see for yourself.

The first acrylic Annapolis painting that Nancy Anna Brown created was inspired by a spot on the ship that had numerous colors and coats of paint that were peeling off, and 'creative' splashes of rust were interspersed amongst the colors (30" x 36").

The second painting in the series was inspired from a picture taken of the hull, where the metal welded numeral hull markers indicating the depth were clearly visible and pop out of the painting - literally.

Once you see these in person, you will see the true beauty and the many colors and textures that Nancy has been able to share (24" x 48").

Annapolis Hull Acrylic Painting - by artist Nancy Anna Brown


More pictures are in progress, and it is anticipated that the series will be featured in a Vancouver area art gallery soon.

The low-rez images shown here don't do the art justice.  Please contact us below if you are interested in viewing high-rez images.

These artist signed original Annapolis acrylic paintings are currently for sale exclusively available through – contact us for more information and Nancy Brown will be in touch.

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