Powell River Dives

Map to Powell River dive sites


Powell River Dives offer something for everyone, with numerous easy-access shore dives, exciitng boat dives, and interesting deep dives for the more daring technical diver.

Located on the northern Sunshine Coast, about 130kms, 85 miles northwest of Vancouver, this peaceful seaside community is a year round recreation area for outdoor enthusiasts.

Powell River is separated from the lower Sunshine Coast by Jervis Inlet, and is accessible by taking one ferry from Comox to Powell River, or by taking one ferry from Vancouver/Horseshoe Bay to Langdale, and then a second ferry from Earl's Cove to Saltery Bay.

(note you only pay once on the way up and once on the way back.)


Emerald Princess British Columbia bronze mermaid statue - photo courtey Doug Pemberton

Once there, you will find that the Powell River/Upper Sunshine Coast area offers some very interesting marine life and underwater sights, including our very own mermaid, The Emerald Princess .

In addition to numerous Powell River scuba diving sites, the area offers ocean kayaking, canoeing, sailing, hiking, mountain biking, golfing, fishing, snorkeling, bird watching, mermaid sighting and more.

And while exploring, don't forget to check out the popular local eatery - Nancy's Bakery in nearby Lund.

There are several economical resorts and hotels for visitors, some of whom are very interested in hosting visiting scuba divers. One such resort is the Beach Gardens Resort and Marina, obviously right on the oceanfront, with whom we are working with to put together Cooldives Powell River stay play and dive packages.

Book your Beach Gardens Resort dive holiday through Cooldives and get their Deluxe Waterfront rooms starting at $109/night plus tax for 1-2 divers with two queen beds, and  $10/extra diver per room.


And their older, standard rooms start at only $99/night for 1-2 divers.  Ask us for details.....

There are also several nearby private and government campsites very close to a number of popular Powell River dives close to shore, including the Saltery Bay Provincial campsite, very near by our sunken mermaid.

One of the more diver-friendly campgrounds in the area is also right by a number of popular shore dives - check out Kent's Beach Cabins & Campsites. Special diving-accommodation packages may be arranged and they have outdoor hot water showers and a gear rinse station for us guys.

"Kents Beach is a great place to stay for divers.....cabins that sleep up to 8 (3 bedrooms) only $100 dollars a night and they are right on the beach!!

Clive Kent has also setup a washdown station especially for Powell River divers.

This accommodation is only 2 Km from Saltery Bay.  I go to Kents beach with a group of divers from the Okanagan every 6 months and we've never been dissappointed !!"- Chet D. 

There are a number of Powell River shore dives listed below which are less than a five minute walk from the campground, where the bottom is gently sloping and sandy with some areas having rock outcroppings (or maybe even a mermaid.) 

However, getting airfills in Powell River is now a little difficult, but there are a number of dive shops on the way up to try the Powell River dives, and we are working hard to source other trustworthy air suppliers in the Powell River and/or Lund areas.

Powell River Scuba Diving Boat Charters

What we can offer divers now though, is fully customized boat charters (for 3-5 divers) departing from the Beach Garden Resort for hotel guests or for other divers, through our affiliation with GreenSea Diving.

Powell River scuba charter packages include:

- up to 3 boat dives/day, (last one is on nitrox)

- lunch and weights

- add-ons available include any learn to dive course or upgrade course PADI offers

- gear rental including drysuit and computer for only $40/diver/day.

- $150/diver for 3, $137.50/diver for 4 or $130/diver for 5 divers

- (Taxes and accommodations extra) 

Contact us for package prices and more information about Powell River Dives.

Whether you want escorted Powell River dive safaris, or boat charters to popular technical dives such as the wreck of the MV Gulfstream (see below for more popular Powell River dive sites,) we can help you with a very experienced, professional divemaster/dive instructor/charter boat operator.

And if you're interested in learning how to dive or in upgrading your dive skills and certifications while on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, we can help there too.

Powell River Area Boat Dive Sites

Some of the popular Powell River dives and Sunshine Coast boat dive sites include:

- the wreck of the HMCS Chaudiere (southern Sunshine Coast)

- Agamemnon Channel Power Lines

- MV Gulfstream wreck

- SS Capilano wreck

- Heron Rocks

- The Iron Mines

- Major Rock

- Okeover Caves

- Rebecca Rock

- The Hulks

- Vivian Islands 

- Scotch Fir Point

- Marshall Rock

Powell River Shore Dive Sites

Some of the popular Powell River shore dive sites include:

Beach Gardens Resort area has a couple of nearby dive (or even snorkel) sites, which makes it another good place to stay and dive in Powell River. But because it is an active marina and boating area, ensure you use your dive flag and be careful of the currents. Sandy bottom, patches of eel grass with lots of critters, and a small wreck in about 25 feet of water near the end of the breakwater. Not much of the wreck left but look for and follow a cable which could take you to a second wreck in about 60 feet.

Boulder Point is a nice, interesting snorkel or dive site, located close to Kent's Beach (see map below). Shallow areas have seaweed, and the sandy bottom has piles of boulders that lead out from the shore to around 50-60 feet. In addition to possibly coming across some octopus dens, there are lots of rockfish, starfish, anemones, and more to be seen. Low currents and typically good viz make it worth a try.


Grief Point Go just past the Beach Gardens Resort and turn left towards the ocean, park at the dead end by a little play area. Follow an old pipeline out to the concrete terminus at around 80 feet. Along the way, keep a look out for octopus dens, and you should encounter more and more marine life the deeper you go. Head back to shore going to your right and look out for an area of boulders with lots of interesting life.


Octopus City is an appropriately named shore dive about a mile past the Mermaid Cove Campground and is near Kent's Beach (see map below). Areas of eel grass lead you to a cluster of boulders hiding octopus dens and other interesting life, and we believe there is a cable that you can follow out to the rocks. There used to be a small sailboat wreck but it's pretty much unrecognizable now. As it is near the boat ramp, ensure you have your dive flag and watch out for traffic.


Saltery Bay/Mermaid Cove Probably one of the most well known Powell River shore dive sites includes a visit with our famous mermaid, the Emerald Princess, a 9 foot bronze beauty created by local artist Simon Morris. There is an interesting wall at the shore to the left of the statue, a buoy marking the area around 50 feet away from the Princess, and a wall dive to around 150 feet deep behind the mermaid. All around you'll see a good variety of marine life and even a giant pacific octopus or two. 


Malahat wreck The Malahat wreck dive is a nice, convenient shore entry dive, near downtown Powell River, not far from where our Powell River dive and stay packages are being offered.

While there isn't much left of the Malahat, this is still a nice wreck dive with some artifacts and lots of marine life.

Originally 245 feet long, this is a long, spread out dive site now. What also makes it a good dive site is the depth - only 30 feet (10 meters) deep at the bow and 80 feet (25 meters) deep at the stern.

There is a plaque created by the Underwater Archeological Society of BC located near the bow, some of the wooden ribs remain, and there are some steel fuel or water tanks to be found near the stern.

And given the sandy bottom, there is loads of marine life to be found. Giant ling cod can be found, along with loadsof rock fish, greenlings, perch, plumose anemone, sea cucumbers, sunflower starfish, sculpins, nudibranchs, some rock scallops, and sometimes even wolf eels and sea lions come to welcome you aboard.


More to come along with brief descriptions....

Kent's Beach area shore dive map 

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