Renate Reef Dive Site

Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Renate's Reef - photo by John RawlingsRenate Reef (aka Renate's Reef) is considered one of the best dive sites in Barkley Sound, which is on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

To some, it is thought to be one of the Best Dive Sites in British Columbia, and comparable to Port Hardy dive sites.

This Barkley Sound site, like many others in the area, is an open water pinnacle dive, with depths varying between 10-30 meters (35-90 feet.)

It has also made our list as one of Vancouver Island's Best dive sites.

Renate's Reef - photo by John RawlingsWhile you need to watch for a strong surge or large swells, fishing lines and boat traffic, the two ridges of Renate's Reef have something of interest for all divers.

There are also dive sites for all levels of divers, group dive packages available, and great opportunities for micro or macro photos.

What Might You See At Renate's Reef?

During the summer, you may come across Six-gill Sharks, and during the months of October-March, you will probably encounter Sea Lions at or around Renate Reef.

There are lots of overhangs, loads of cracks and holes, and even a swim-through for those divers who are experienced (and brave).

Renate's Reef - photo by John RawlingsOtherwise, you'll typically find Wolf Eels, Giant Pacific Octopus, schools of rockfish including Tiger, Copper, Quillback, Puget Sound, China, Black and Yellowtail varieties, Giant Ling Cod, Kelp and Painted Greenlings, Sea Perch, Sculpins, loads of different Nudibranch, colored white and orange Plumose Anemone, Crab varieties, Seastars, Sea Cucumbers, Orange PuffBall and other types of Sponges, Blue Ring Top Snails, Scallops, Abalone, Calcerous Staghorn Bryozoan, and more.....

Getting To Renate's Reef?

Renate's Reef is in an isolated wilderness location that offers spectacular scenery and wildlife above and below the sea.

But unless you have your own boat, it is only directly available by float plane or dive charter operator.

Renate's Reef - Rendezvous Dive AdventuresHowever, the Rendezvous Dive Adventures Lodge has been hosting divers from around the world in Barkley Sound and taking them to Renate Reef since 1975.

In fact, the dive site was named after Renate (pronounced ren AH-ta) the wife of the former owner of Rendezvous, Dave Christie, back around 1980.

They ran the dive charter lodge for almost 25 years and took over 7,200 divers to the reef during that time.

If you drive or otherwise make your way to Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, you can usually arrange to get picked up for your wilderness/dive adventure by the current owners, Peter or Kathy.

While there, you are immersed in the wilderness that makes British Columbia famous. Eagles, black bears, deer, whales, seals and sea lions are frequently sighted from the lodge and the water.

John Rawlings, of Advanced Diver Magazine, prepared this Renate's Reef dive report which gives you a great overview of the diving in Barkley Sound.

A quote from his story reads "Today, Barkley Sound is a coldwater dive destination whose underwater beauty rivals that of any location on Earth."

Renate's Reef - the elusive six gill sharkAll-inclusive dive packages (except your alcohol) to Renate Reef are available by contacting the Rendezvous Adventures Dive Lodge via this Cooldives form and asking for CoolDives09-2 pricing.

To find out more about diving in Barkley Sound, getting to the area, and about pricing and availability at Rendezvous Lodge, complete the following form and Peter will be in touch, or just contact us and ask about Renate Reef.

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