Saltery Bay On the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia

The view at Saltery Bay - photo courtesy of Robots4farms.comWhy Dive Saltery Bay? Have you ever seen a Mermaid up close?

If you have spent as much time as most people do on this scuba diving website, you will have noticed the reference to spotting a mysterious mermaid in the beautiful waters of British Columbia.

Saltery Bay is a very nice Provincial Campsite, located about 25 kilometers south of Powell River and is a popular Powell River shore dive.

Getting to Powell River to scuba dive involves another BC Ferry ride north along the beautiful British Columbia Coast, which is still considered part of the Sunshine Coast.

BC Ferries operates scheduled daily sailings from Earls Cove on the Sechelt Peninsula across Jervis Inlet to Saltery Bay. The ferries carry both vehicles and passengers on the 50-minute trip.

Emerald Princess created by Simon Morris (photo courtesy Doug Pemberton)

This is a great family spot if you want to do some camping or exploring in addition to numerous interesting Powell River shore dives.

There are some great spots for beachcombing, as well as swimming, snorkeling and easy Powell River shore dive locations.

There are also fresh water showers, change rooms, outhouses, and a wheelchair ramp to the waterline (depending on the tides.)

At Mermaid Cove, you can explore and discover a beautiful 3 meter (10 foot) high bronze mermaid sculpture designed by famous artist & sculptor Simon Morris, sunk at a depth of around 20 meters (60 feet.)

Simon was commissioned in 1986 to create this nine-foot tall bronze statue of a mermaid to be placed near Powell River, British Columbia. Accessible to most divers, the Emerald Princess has become a world famous icon and attracts divers from around the globe. (Photo courtesy Doug Pemberton)

A second casting of the mermaid was installed underwater at Sunset House in Grand Cayman, British West Indies. This mermaid, titled 'Amphitrite', has since been voted by Scuba Diving Magazine as the #1 shore dive on Grand Cayman.

Ratfish at Saltery Bay - photo courtesy of Robots4farms.comThe visibility here is generally quite good, and in addition to the mermaid you can expect to see different types of nudibranch, schools of surf & shiner perch, greenlings, cabezon, rose and tube anemones, penpoint gunnel, and a variety of other creatures.

Be careful as you venture past the mermaid statue because the bottom drops off sharply forming a wall.

If you carefully explore the wall, watching your depth, you will see different types of sponges, many of which have small rockfish or squat lobsters poking out, crinoids, plume worms, ling cod, and brightly colored anemones.

This wall drops off to depths of over 60 meters (200 feet) or more so be careful.

Octopus at Saltery Bay - photo courtesy of Robots4farms.comYou may even see an occasional Giant Pacific Octopus. This is a popular and busy Sunshine Coast marine park so watch out for boaters as you surface, and ensure you use your dive flag.

The current can pick up at times, and in the summer months you need to look out for Lion’s Mane jellyfish which have a painful sting.

Lions Mane Jellyfish at Saltery Bay - photo courtesy of Coral Reef FilmsWhile the poison is toxic and can cause severe burns, most encounters cause only temporary pain and localized redness.

If there are any more than one or two areas of contact, you should seek medical help as soon as possible just in case.

Octopus Cove at Saltery Bay

Also located in the Provincial Park is a popular dive site and octopus viewing area called Octopus Cove.

This area is good for beginner and advanced divers since it is only 18 meters (60 feet) deep.

For this and other Powell River dive charters, contact a Sunshine Coast Saltery Bay charter operator for more dive information or for stay and dive packages.

Along the bottom, you will find boulders located on the flat sandy base, which is home to numerous octopus, rockfish, ling cod, cabezon, ratfish, nudibranchs, red urchins and lots more.

Where to Stay near Saltery Bay

If you need a place to stay while diving in Saltery Bay on the Sunshine Coast, we have several recommendations.

The Sunshine Coast Resort which is centrally located and one of the nicest places around.

Scuba diving stay and dive package deal on the Sunshine Coast of British ColumbiaAnother great place for a diving holiday also comes with an exclusive Cooldives Special Dive Offer - Book your stay at the Scuba Shack in Tuwanek on the Sunshine Coast through Cooldives, and you'll be provided with 4 complimentary tanks of air for your use while enjoying the Tuwanek dive on the Sunshine Coast.

Now is the perfect time to learn to scuba dive or upgrade your scuba diving skills on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

The Scuba Shack, a comfy, well equipped 2 bedroom Sechelt rental cabin is loaded with extras and is just minutes away from the area's favorite dive site the Tuwanek dive spit.

While staying at the Sechelt cabin, you can take your Sechelt PADI Open Water Certification, PADI Advanced Diver Course, PADI Enriched Air Specialty Course, or the PADI Drysuit Specialty Course.

Top quality Sunshine Coast scuba diving rental gear is also available while staying at the Scuba Shack.

Scuba diving stay and dive package deal on the Sunshine Coast of British ColumbiaVisit and contact for more information about your Sechelt and Sunshine Coast rental accommodation and PADI Dive lessons.

The 'vis' on this favorite shore dive is often well over 75 feet.

Enjoy great wall dives for open water divers (60ft max) and another for advanced divers (100ft+).

And book your Tuwanek dive vacation through and 4 free tanks of air will be available for you at the Scuba Shack.

Why haul your own tanks around when you don't need to?

Package deals for dive lessons on the Sunshine Coast, divemaster services, accommodation and rental gear are also available.

Mention Cooldives to get their best pricing when you book.

And there is the Beach Gardens Resort stay and play dive packages or the Kent's Beach campground nearby as well.

Follow the links above for more details.

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