A Scuba Diving Video

Of Your Dives In BC

Scuba diving video of your British Columbia dive safariHow do you get a free scuba diving video?

Simply book an escorted scuba safari with my preferred PADI certified divemaster & videographer through CoolDives, and you'll also receive a free, high-quality, scuba dvd of your scuba safaris in British Columbia.

Our diving and underwater scenery here is considered to be some of the best in the world. While the water may be a little cooler than in the Carribbean (just a bit!?), the sights are just as (some think even more) beautiful.

The movies and pictures that Mark takes are of very high quality, and are a great reminder of your scuba diving holiday in B.C.

To see a few samples of his diving in British Columbia videos, link to his Vancouver Scuba Diving School website and you can watch a few of his cool water and warm water sample movie clips.

They may take a few minutes to upload on your computer, but they are worth it!

As well as being a videographer of your dives here in BC, he can also be your PADI dive instructor, your professional dive buddy, or your personal divemaster.

Watching the video clips will make you want to book your dive vacation now.

If you are too busy to arrange your own diving holiday to BC, I can recommend a great Vancouver travel agent that can put together a great dive holiday package in British Columbia for you.

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