The Right Scuba Fins Can Make Your Dive Even Better

Scuba fins - Courtesy of LeisureproScuba Fins - one of the final pieces of personal scuba diving equipment to purchase, but don't call them flippers!

They come in many shapes, sizes, styles and colors. But while their technology may have changed over the years, their purpose hasn’t.

The basic idea is to propel you and all your scuba diving equipment through the water with the least amount of effort and energy.

The easier you move, the less air you consume, and the longer you can enjoy your dive.

There are many things to consider, but the first priority is to find a pair of scuba fins that feel the most comfortable for you and allow you to dive for the longest amount of time without cramping, blistering, or pinching your skin, heels or toes.

Scuba diving fins - Courtesy of LeisureproFor diving in the cool waters of British Columbia, you should probably consider the open heel pocket / adjustable heel strap style instead of the full foot pocket scuba fins.

They are easier to use when wearing your booties.

You will probably also want the quick-release feature on the strap since you will have your neoprene dive gloves on.

The quick-release strap allows you to loosen the strap without fully detaching it.

Remember – bright colors are easier to find!

During one of my dive lessons, I dropped one in the ocean at Porteau Cove and spent the next half hour trying to find it. Luckily I did, but next time I am buying bright colored gear!

The hardest choice will be whether to buy the traditional paddle style, or the new split-fin style.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but the difference is minimal and it is generally a matter of personal preference.

There are many scuba equipment on-line sites where you can research and purchase your equiptment. Since we are not experts, we will not recommend any particular product or brand.

However, you can click for some of the best online prices on scuba gear that we could find.

Dive fins - Courtesy of LesiureproPlease ensure you do your own research to maximize your scuba diving experience.

When you are ready to buy, or at least shop for a pair , head to your nearest dive retailer with your dive booties in hand.

Talk over the options at the dive shop and select several pairs to try.

Sit down and try each pair with your dive booties on, being careful not to tighten the straps too much.

Once all are on, kick your feet around, up, down, and all around.

They should feel comfortable, should not move around on your feet, should not rub or pinch, and should be secure without being too tight.

Once you have found the pair that fit the best, ensure they are a good quality brand name and that you are happy with the paddle/split decision, and then you are ready to buy.

Save Your Dive - Courtesy of LesiureproRemember to buy an extra heel strap at the same time and add it to your ‘Save-a-Dive’ kit.

Scuba Dive Tip: Be sure to mark your equipment with paint markers (felt-tip markers don’t last as well) with either your name or a different identifying mark to help ensure you don’t lose it

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