What Does SCUBA Stand For?

What does SCUBA stand for?What Does SCUBA Stand For?

This question is asked by people all the time!

The word "scuba" is actually an acronym involving the letters S-C-U-B-A.


Well, sort of.

It really stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus simply because scuba diving involves using a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (an air tank and 2 stage regulator system) to allow you to breathe air underwater.

While it may not sound exciting – where you can go and what you can see using necessary scuba equipment is extremely exciting!

You can see incredibly diverse and colorful marine life, dramatic rock formations, beautiful seascapes, and maybe even discover a mysterious sunken shipwreck or treasure.

You are in a whole new world where you are virtually weight-less, flying through the peaceful silence of a secret, mysterious realm.

And the undersea world is amazing!

Curious sea-life watches you carefully, and will sometimes come to visit and play.

Some may consider scuba diving to be an ‘extreme sport’.

But, if done properly, it can be a safe, recreational activity that can provide fun, excitement, exercise, friendships and memories that will last a life-time.

You can generally start scuba diving when you are 12 years old and can dive well into your retirement years.

Once properly trained and equipped, you can plunge under the surface of this virtually unexplored, fascinating, under water world.

The scuba lessons to obtain your scuba diving license are fun and very affordable, and the scuba equipment can be bought over time or rented to help you start exploring right away.

Now that you are ready to begin your underwater scuba adventure in British Columbia to try what scuba stand for, get ready to sign up for scuba lessons.

Best Scuba Dive Tip: Sign up for professional training prior to your first scuba diving adventure, and continue to practice scuba diving and upgrade your scuba diving certification as often as possible.

That's the definition of what SCUBA stands for. To learn more about what does scuba stand for, dive further into my site.

Once you learn, you will want to try scuba diving.

And once you try scuba diving, you will be hooked.

Check out our list of Vancouver Island dive sites that have made our list as one of Vancouver Island's Best dive sites, and then get diving.

What are you waiting for?

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Now that you know what scuba stand for, you are ready to learn more about scuba diving in British Columbia.

I recommend learning more about scuba diving by reading monthly dive magazines such as Scuba Diving magazine.

They provide useful information about diving, dive safety tips, dive vacation opportunities, the marine environment, scuba equipment and more.

Scuba stands for fun, amazing underwater experiences. Give scuba diving a try today.

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What Does Scuba Really Stand For