A Scuba Diving Vacation

To An Amazing Dive Destination

North Wall at Browning Pass near Port Hardy - photo by John Rawlings of ADM magazine At CoolDives, we consider every dive to be a scuba diving vacation.

Whether it is at your nearby favorite dive site, or in a dive destination on the other side of the world, there are many similar characteristics:

- you need to research your dive destination

- you need to prepare and review your dive trip planning checklists

- you need to Plan your dive and dive your plan.

- you need to check your dive equipment and ensure it has been properly maintained and serviced by an authorized local dive shop

- you need to arrange for safe travel to and from the dive site(s)

- you need to advise others of when you are going, where you are going to dive, and when you should be back from your dives

- and finally, no matter where you are diving, it is in an unknown world where there will always be risks and uncertainties.

A Scuba Diving Vacation in British Columbia

British Columbia Dive Site Map

The main focus of this website is to help you enjoy a wonderful scuba diving holiday within British Columbia, whether you live here or are visiting.

That includes the world-famous diving areas of:

- Vancouver and the lower mainland

- Victoria, Nanaimo, Campbell River, Chamainus, and Port Hardy on Vancouver Island

- Sechelt, Powell River and other areas of the Sunshine Coast

- Diving and wineries of the Okanagan

We provide favorite dive site information, travel and accommodation tips and information, and much more.

These regions are consistently ranked as one of the best places in the world to live, visit, and/or to scuba dive.

New to cool water diving - no problem - we can help get you drysuit certified if you wish.

At CoolDives, we have built up an established network of recommended:

- scuba diving stores

- dive charter operators

- dive resorts and lodges

- dive liveaboards

- scuba safari leaders, dive instructors and divemasters

- and other popular activites and attractions on land and on water

Our affiliated dive travel agents can also help with your scuba diving holiday and adventure travel arrangements to British Columbia or other dive destinations.

Many of our local dive shops also arrange for group trips to other (perhaps a little more tropical?) dive destinations, so we can help place you with them as well.

Cool Diving newsletter And in these troubling economic times, the Canadian exchange rate is favorable for most visitors, helping to make Canada an affordable dive destination.

We are also always looking to provide BC diving news and organize and promote special dive offers to make your scuba diving holiday even more economical.

Spend some time reviewing this dive site, and contact us to help you with your scuba diving holiday.

And please, have a safe, wonderful scuba diving vacation wherever you go.

To begin planning your scuba diving vacation in British Columbia, check out some of these areas that have made our list as one of Vancouver Island's Best dive sites.

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