Snorkeling British Columbia - Fun Family Snorkel Adventures

Snorkeling in British Columbia - photo by Ocean Planet Adventures in TofinoSnorkeling British Columbia is an easy way to see and explore the amazing colorful and diverse marine life found along our thousands of kilometers (miles) of shoreline.

It is also a low-cost eye opener to the amazing undersea world and a great way to explore this world famous coastline!?

Without the need for specialized scuba equipment or scuba training and certification, you can float along the surface just using a mask and snorkel, and perhaps fins and a wetsuit/drysuit.

And with a little practice, you can even dive down several meters/feet and explore along the critters on the bottom.

While snorkeling in and around British Columbia doesn't give you the amazing sense of freedom that scuba diving does, it is another great family adventure activity that is easy and affordable for the whole family.

Snorkeling in British Columbia - photo by Ocean Planet Adventures in TofinoIf you need some snorkel gear or dive gear, you can get some great snorkel package deals at an on-line retailer such as LeisurePro, or visit your nearest dive shop.

You should always ensure that anyone entering the water feels comfortable, whether you are snorkeling, swimming or even just paddling.

Remember - oceans everywhere are susceptible to tides and currents.

Many snorkelers soon discover that they would love to sign up for a "Discover Scuba" course or even for an "Open Water Diver" certification course.

Snorkeling in British Columbia - photo by Ocean Planet Adventures in TofinoIf you get bitten by the scuba diving bug, contact us and we'll help get you set up for group, semi-private or private diving lessons in British Columbia.

And contact us if you're looking for organized snorkeling British Columbia trips as we found several dive operators that offer snorkeling British Columbia trips ...

Snorkeling With Seals In Nanaimo, British Columbia

Snorkel with the harbour seals in Nanaimo, British Columbia - photo courtesy of Just Dive in AdventuresA favorite Nanaimo, British Columbia activity is to snorkel with harbour seals in the nutrient rich waters of British Columbia.

Just minutes away from Nanaimo by boat is Snake Island, home to many of Nanaimo's very popular dive sites such as Snake Island (of course), HMCS Cape Breton, HMCS Saskatchewan, and the Rivtow Lion.

And Snake Island is home to some 200 or more curious, playful little Harbour Seals that are easily viewed by snorkeling or when scuba diving in the shallow (10-25 feet) 'cool' waters.

The whole family can gear up and be taken by boat to Snake Island for this exciting snorkeling British Columbia adventure and eco-tour.

The seals may be shy or may come face to whiskers with you as they play with their new friend - you!

Click for more information about our favorite Snorkel With the Seals Eco-Tour in Nanaimo.

Snorkeling in Victoria, British Columbia

Snorkeling in Victoria on Vancouver Island with Rockfish Divers While there are a number of beaches where you can snorkel near the Vancouver Island capital city of Victoria, the dive charter operator Rockfish Divers offers a nice snorkeling charter package.

Operating out of the marina at the luxurious Brentwood Bay Lodge and Spa, you can spend some quality time floating on the surface and exploring the calm, clear waters of Saanich Inlet.

You may be greeted by some friendly seals, and you'll see loads of starfish, plumose anemones, nudibranch, crabs, and other fish and marine life.

$65.00 CDN gets you your rental gear (including a wetsuit) and a boat ride to some of the finest snorkel spots in the Inlet.

Rental Sea-Doo Seascooters are also available for rent.

And when you have finished your British Columbia snorkeling adventure, you can rinse off with warm water back at the marina.

Contact us for more information about snorkeling near Victoria or elsewhere on Vancouver Island.

Snorkeling in Tofino, British Columbia

Snorkeling British Columbia in Tofino with Ocean Planet Adventures Snorkeling in Tofino on Vancouver Island is a breeze and a ton of fun if you go with a local expert like Ocean Planet Adventures.

Friendly and experienced in the Tofino and Ucluelet area, these guys love the water!

For only $79 for adults and $59 for kids under 12, you get 3 hours of fun snorkeling British Columbia near the scenic surfing and resort town of Tofino, British Columbia on Vancouver Island.

The price also includes all the British Columbia snorkel gear you need and transportation to and from the snorkel sites.

Their certified divemasters will take you by boat to a series of rocky islets and sheltered reefs where you can see all kinds of local marine life and is likened to swimming in an aquarium.

The divemaster will also do a little deeper free-diving and bring up some cool marine life for you to look at and take pictures of if you wish.

The hosts are very good ambassadors and the trip is a family friendly British Columbia activity.

Contact us for more information about snorkeling in Tofino or elsewhere on Vancouver Island.

Snorkel with Salmon in Campbell River

Snorkel with the Salmon in the summer months in Campbell River, British ColumbiaOne of the most popular summer activities (besides scuba diving in Campbell River and fishing) is a guided "Snorkel with the Salmon" trip in the Campbell River area.

Nowhere else in the world can you experience such an amazing snorkel adventure, which is family friendly, safe and fun.

Our preferred charter operator, Pacific Pro Dive and Surf, will provide you with a mask, fins, snorkel and wetsuit and will take you on a guided tour to experience the 5 species and the hundreds of thousands of salmon that come back to the Campbell River area to spawn each year.

Relax and float along looking for some of the biggest chinook salmon in the world, or view some of the tens of thousands of pink and other salmon struggling their way upstream to spawn - snorkeling British Columbia with the salmon.

They also offer year-round British Columbia snorkel charters in the Courtenay/Comox area in the peak season and in the Campbell River/Quadra Island area where seals and sealions are plentiful in the low-season months.

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Snorkel with the Salmon in the summer months in Campbell River, British Columbia