Swordfish Island

Swordfish island dive site near Victoria, British Columbia - photo by Pacific Pinnacle Dive ChartersThe Swordfish Island dive site is another popular boat dive site near Victoria, on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island.

Swordfish is located just off Vancouver Island in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, around 2-1/2 nautical miles southeast of Beacher Bay and 6 nautical miles southwest of Pedder Bay

It can be a nice second dive after exploring the terrific but current-dependent Race Rocks dive site or the wreck of the Barnard Castle, and a Victoria dive charter operator like Pacific Pinnacle Dive Charters typically visits these and other favorite Victoria dive sites regularly.

I dove the site and then Race Rocks in November 2010 with Pacific Pinnacle and had a great time - read my Swordfish dive site review...

Swordfish island dive site guraded by Puget Sound King crab - photo by Pinnacle Dive ChartersWith its sheltered location, oval shaped Swordfish Island marks a good dive for intermediate divers with their buddy, or for all qualified divers as part of a dive group and you can dive here pretty much anytime.

However there can be a current or surge caused by boat traffic, so always be prepared, and ensure you are properly trained to enter an underwater enclosed space.

In addition to loads of colorful marine life, this Victoria dive site is known for its 50 foot (15 meter) long swim-through located on the south end, which is sometimes guarded by a large pair of Puget Sound King Crabs and can sometimes be hidden by a forest of bull kelp.

Once you enter the water, at the eastern end of Swordfish Island you’ll find a ridge that runs to the south with a nice east facing wall, which is also fun to explore.

It reaches about 80 feet (24 meters) to a sandy bottom.

What you may see at Swordfish Island

Wolf eel near Swordfish island dive site near Victoria, British Columbia - photo by Pacific Pinnacle Dive ChartersAs you look around, you’ll see fields of anemones along with varieties of small rockfish, and maybe you’ll find the octopus and the colorful Puget Sound King Crabs, wolf eel, nudibranchs, urchins, China rockfish, basketstars, cabazons, herring shoals in the fall, and loads of other colorful marine life.

As you swim through the tunnel, which varies from 15-25 feet (4-7 meters) deep, you’ll see a ceiling and walls covered in large white plumose anemones, with the entrance surrounded by colorful soft coral.

Once you swim through the colorful swim-through, you’ll exit into an eel-grass bed laden with kelp greenlings and silverspotted sculpins.

There’s also a forest of bull kelp so ensure you have your knife with you.

You can find some great underwater photos of Swordfish Island at this diver's website.

If you would like to explore Swordfish Island as part of your Victoria British Columbia scuba diving vacation, contact us and we’ll see if we can help you join in a charter trip.

Octopus near Swordfish island dive site near Victoria, British Columbia - photo by Pacific Pinnacle Dive ChartersYour dive gear or air refills can be arranged through a local Victoria dive shop, and while you’re in the area, consider some other favorite Victoria dive sites such as Ogden Point, 10 Mile Point, the wrecks at Sidney (GB Church, HMCS MacKenzie), or the popular Saanich Inlet.

If you need a Victoria dive charter operator, a Vancouver Island dive lodge, Victoria attraction, or Victoria hotel, we can help you with that if you wish - just ask!?

And like we mentioned, Pacific Pinnacle Dive Charters visits Swordfish regularly if you want to get out to this Victoria boat dive site.

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Swordfish island dive site near Victoria, British Columbia