My Escapade Within British Columbia

One of the reasons why I have chosen to visit British Columbia is its ecotourism. British Columbia is home to rocky and coastal shores, colossal mountain peaks, remote towns, and ancient rainforests. Not only do I enjoy exploring the underwater, but I also consider the landscape to be breathtaking.

In my 3 years of staying here, I have fully recognized the magnificence of the province’s untamed nature. My personal journeys, whether on the land or sea, are interlaced with unbridled adventures.

When it comes to shore diving, I have found a wide selection of dive sites. Among them are the Browning Pass, Race Rocks, Renate’s Reef, Porlier Pass, Sechelt Rapids, Row and Be Damned, Nakwakto Rapids, and B.C. Dive Savvy. While there are hundreds of diving spots in British Columbia, I consider the aforementioned diving spots as the finest I have ever explored in BC. These sites are just the full package. They have rich waters, impressive dive attractions, diverse marine mammals and invertebrate life, tropical coral reefs, and adequate water temperature.

In general, British Columbia hosts a variety of marine species. No matter where I dive, I can always encounter friendly and exotic creatures including six-gill sharks, Pacific white-sided dolphins, sea lions, and Humboldt squids.

Aside from the shores, I am also captivated by the expansive tracts of wilderness, pristine ecosystems, and stunning landscapes. Nature here in British Columbia is mostly untamed. In fact, they hold the record of having the highest proportion of protected areas in the world.

As terrific as it is to dive in BC’s underwater, I have the same amount of amazement to hike and walk in their parks. There are more than 1,000 sites to choose from. Beyond that, I have also experienced boating and fishing, camping, kayaking, skiing, and wildlife viewing. However, British Columbia offers more ecotourism adventures. This includes backpacking, mountaineering and mountain biking, canoeing, and boarding.

Generally, my stay in British Columbia provides me an endless opportunity for exploration and discovery!