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Diving in Vancouver, British ColumbiaA local Vancouver travel agent can help to ensure this dive and adventure holiday is your best adventure vacation ever!

Whenever we go on holiday, my wife spends hours (and hours) on the internet, trying to plan the perfect holiday. Even after all that planning, there is no way of knowing what you're getting until you get there.

When I won a trip to Hawaii recently, I also spent lots of time trying to choose who I was going to dive with. I spent hours 'googling' in an attempt to pick the best dive operator.

Well, the company I chose was ok, but after I got there, I did wish I had gone with my second choice. Oh well - I enjoyed the dives anyway?

I decided then, that when I put my web site together, I wanted to provide a way for others to contact someone who had ' been there - done that' to help ensure others don't get disappointed also.

Diving vacations in Vancouver, British Columbia - Elaine at White Rock TravelSo if you don't have time to arrange your own trip, or want to ensure 'what you saw on the internet is what you're really going to get', then I recommend you contact Elaine at WhiteRock Travel.

She has been in the local travel agent business for many years, and specializes in putting together travel packages, cruise holidays and yacht charters in and around British Columbia and Alaska.

Simply input some basic information below and hit the submit button and Elaine will be in touch.

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You can also book a Vancouver Scuba Safari specialist as your Diving in Vancouver travel agent

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