Custom Wetsuit Zipper Pull

Custom embroidered wetsuit zipper pulls from YourBagTag

Make water sports easier with a custom, embroidered wetsuit zipper pull.

Easily identify your wetsuit from all the others on your next scuba diving vacation, snorkeling adventure or surf trip.

These stylish wetsuit zipper pulls called 'YourZipTags' make it much easier to identify your gear as well as the others you may be diving or surfing with.

Made from the highest quality polypropylene webbing material, the zipper pull can be embroidered in many colors.

You can easily identify your own wetsuit, and dive retailers or surf shops can embroider their name, website or identification number to help keep track of their rental wetsuits.

YourZipTag attaches simply by looping itself through the eye of the zipper pull.

YourZipTags make great gifts for the diver, surfer, triathlon athlete, kite boarder or snorkeler in your life.

The custom zipper pull is 3/4" wide and approximately 24 inches long (same length as standard manufacturer zipper pull cord).

Note that letters are custom embroidered in ALL CAPS ONLY, and this zipper pull is designed for back-pull zipper configuration only.

Other Custom Dive Equipment Labels

Another great way to label your wetsuit or drysuit is with these Canadian toonie-sized scuba equipment labels, which are around 3 cm (1.25 inches) in diameter and made of fibre-reinforced plastic.

And of course, they are waterproof and scratch resistant, which makes them an ideal way to label your BCD, wetsuit, drysuit, regulator, camera gear, flashlights, weight pouches, dive bags, luggage – pretty much any dive gear that has a way to fasten the dive equipment gear with the supplied zip tie (or another method) using the predrilled hole in the tag.

They can be used as a wetsuit zipper pull as well.

Tank tag scuba equipment labelsWith the new scuba equipment "Tank Tag" label system for your air tank, which is easily transferable to your second tank, you can now easily be found under water.

In addition to the wetsuit zipper pulls, these scuba tank tags can be customized with a brightly colored stiching that includes your name, dive shop name, title (such as divemaster), nickname, dive charter logo, etc., which makes you much more recognizable under water.

The scuba tank labels are made of 3" heavy duty polypropylene webbing that loop around the tank and secures itself with velcro.

Tank tag scuba equipment labelsYou can also use them to identify your dive equipment while on the surface.

They are priced around $19.95, which is pretty good for a one-of-a-kind custom imprint product.

For dive clubs, dive shops and charter operators that order in bigger quantities, they seem to offer discounts.

BCD tag -scuba equipment labelsThe same company has also developed a smaller BCD name tag, to help scuba rental companies number their BCD's, track the divers in their group, identify their dive gear, or to help other divers identify each other under water.

The BCD name labels are made of heavy duty polypropolene as well, with bright color stitching, and they wrap around the BCD shoulder strap.

The custom BCD tags are around $10.00 each which is around the same price as the wetsuit zipper pulls.

You can have your name, logo, or even just have them numbered, so it is easy to keep track of each dive kit or returning divers.

BCD tag and tank tag combo scuba equipment labelsThe best value is to either order with a group, or to buy their scuba equipment label Combination Pack for only $24.00, which is a 20% savings.

Identify your tank and your BCD with a scuba equipment label and ensure you can be seen under water.

I use mine to keep my other dive gear (like fins) together when I'm not diving.

If you don't have a luggage label, you can also use them to help identify your luggage while traveling.

But hey, they also make custom picture luggage tags, color-coded luggage tags and more.

dive mask strap cover - scuba equipment labelsAnother unique way to identify your dive equipment as well as another diver both above and below the surface is their custom imprinted dive mask strap covers.

Not only are they comfortable, but they also help identify your mask both above and below the surface.

They retail individually for around $19.95.

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