Whale Watching BC

Orcas, Greys, Humpbacks and Minke Whales

Whale Watching in British Columbia - Orca Whale - photo by Prince of Whales AdventuresWhale watching BC and eco-adventure tours in British Columbia are now attracting world-wide attention for divers and non-divers alike.

Not only is British Columbia the self titled "Best Place on Earth," it is also one of the most scenic and incredibly beautiful places to enjoy whale watching and Mother Nature at her very best.

My family and I recently spent a week near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (at a wonderful resort called the InterContinental El Presidente - ask for Christian Moguel for exceptional service) where we spent hours watching the migrating Grey whales from a beach on the Sea of Cortes.

Whale Watching in British Columbia - Humpback Whale - photo by Prince of Whales AdventuresWhile watching, I couldn't help but laugh thinking this is really nice, but we have some of the world's best whale watching opportunities back in British Columbia!

In fact, at various times throughout the year, you can usually see:

- Grey whales

- Orca (killer) whales

- Humpback whales, and

- Minke whales

These whales can be seen traveling and frolicking in the waters from Victoria on Vancouver Island, all the way up the coast to the beautiful Queen Charlotte Islands and beyond to Alaska.

Whale Watching in British Columbia and the Ocean Magic II - photo by Prince of Whales AdventuresThere is nothing more exciting than being the first to spot one of our whales breaching in the distance, a dorsal fin breaking the surface ahead, or seeing a whale swimming silently towards your whale watching BC boat, exhaling a cool plume of mist through their spout as they glide silently towards you.

Whale Watching Tours in BC

Whale Watching in British Columbia - photo by Vancouver Whale Watch While the British Columbia Government is very strict in establishing and enforcing rules to protect our amazing wildlife (unlike some places where I've seen site-seeing boats terrorize the whales and dolphins), a number of very reputable whale watching BC tour companies can be found in whale watching hubs, such as Victoria, Campbell River, Nootka Sound & Esperanza Inlet, Tofino, Ucluelet and Port Hardy.

Bronze orca sculptures by Simon Morris
One of favorite whale watching and eco-tour companies, Vancouver Whale Watch whale watching company, also has a seasonal (April 1 to October 31) Vancouver Whale Watching adventure that takes you from beautiful Steveston, through waters frequented by Minke whales, Orca whales, Humpback whales, Grey whales, seals, sealions, herons, porpoises, eagles, and more, over near Victoria on Vancouver Island.

Whether you live in British Columbia already, or are just visiting, and whether you scuba dive / snorkel or not, we highly recommend you experience one of British Columbia's amazing whale watching and scenic eco-tours.

And while you're heading to one of our favorite dive sites or staying at one of our incredible wilderness scuba diving resorts and lodges, you will often see whales in addition to our other amazing BC wildlife.

We often forget how lucky we are to live in British Columbia.

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To get a feel for what you can experience, watch this

Whale watching BC Youtube video.

Click on the Whalewise button for more details about the regulations and requirements recommended to help ensure the safety of our whales and of our viewers.

They are wild animals and are best seen from a distance.

Please respect their environment.

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