Kelvin Grove - A Great Site but Hard To Reach

Diving near Vancouver at Kelvin Grove - photo by Mike Barrass Kelvin Grove is another favorite dive site near Vancouver, British Columbia.

It used to be a favorite shore dive site, but after enduring many nights of rowdy youths partying into the wee hours and perhaps even some disrespectful dive groups, changes made to parking regulations made it near impossible to easily get to the site.

How To Get There

Although this is a shore dive, boat charters to Kelvin Grove and other Howe Sound dive sites for able bodied and divers with disabilities can be arranged through New World Charters.

For those who wish to risk the drive, head towards Lions Bay, which is about 10km (6 miles) north of Horseshoe Bay.

Take highway 99 from Horseshoe Bay to Lions Bay and take the first exit, which is Kelvin Gr. Road. Turn left and then take a second left, and follow the road past the railroad tracks until you reach the dead end.

Look for parking before you get there though, and try your best not to disturb the neighbors. Please be respectful!

Follow the footpath to either of two entry sites - the first is a set of stairs and the second is a beach.

The Howe Sound Dive Site

This is generally a site for Advanced divers and beyond, because of the depth, occasional currents, chance of poor visibility in summer and overhead boat traffic.

There are two wall dives here to explore, with a maximum depth of around 28 meters (90 feet) and loads of marine life.

Looking around the area, you can find pink short spined stars, sunflower stars, tube worms, cloud sponges, chimney sponges, yellow boring sponges, shrimp & prawns, various rockfish, lingcod, painted and kelp greenlings, red and green urchins, slippered and California cucumbers, sea peaches, chitons, decorator and umbrella crabs, vermillion and slime starfish, kelp-encrusting bryozoans, wolf eels, red brotulas, clams, and several octopus dens.

The marina nearby has boat rentals, and some of these Kelvin Grove - Vancouver dive charter operators can arrange dives for you as well.

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