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Come explore the ultimate location for one of your best ever scuba diving vacations in British Columbia or visit a popular British Columbia dive site to scuba dive or snorkel by yourself, with your family or with your dive group or buddies?

Search this site for the information you're looking for, or contact us and just ask.

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North Wall at Browning Pass near Port Hardy - photo by John Rawlings of ADM magazine I live and dive here in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, an award winning, world class holiday and dive destination.

This site is unique - it's interactive - contact us and we'll help you with your British Columbia dive vacation planning and introduce you to some of the best scuba dive operators here in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and the Sunshine Coast.

CoolDives is being developed to tell you all about the fantastic cool-water scuba diving in British Columbia, Canada, and to provide you with quality information and useful tips for planning your next scuba diving trip or adventure vacation in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

If you:

- would like to learn more about the recreational sport of scuba diving and what scuba stands for

- have always wanted to try diving but haven't taken scuba lessons and earned your scuba license or certification card yet

- would like to know about BC boat dive charters with open space on upcoming dive trips

- would like to know about wetsuit versus drysuit diving in British Columbia or earn your drysuit certification for warm and comfortable diving in British Columbia and around the world

- would like to hear news about diving in British Columbia, new dive information, products or news, or about CoolDives special dive offers and promotions

- would like to see our famous Mermaid, the Emerald Princess, created by Simon Morris

- would like to explore some of the many natural and artificial reefs in British Columbia

- would like to learn about diving with disabilities

- would like some Cool Water Diving Tips Giant Pacific Octopus (courtesy Nautilus) for diving in British Columbia

- would like to take private or semi-private PADI certified scuba dive lessons

- would like to learn about divecaching in British Columbia or arrange for boat dive charters to geocache/divecache locations

- need information about where to rent or buy scuba diving equipment in BC, join dive groups or scuba charters, or take any level of scuba diving lessons in British Columbia

- would like to plan a trip on board a British Columbia liveaboard dive boat

- are looking for challenging and beautiful popular dive sites in British Columbia and Vancouver Island dive sites for all levels of divers

- want to find out more about outdoor and eco-adventure activities in British Columbia, such as exciting Whale Watching Adventure Tours or our best British Columbia kayaking tour with Orca whales and other amazing marine life?

- need to find a place to stay like hotels, or scuba diving resorts and lodges while you explore British Columbia's awesome dive sites and countryside

Pair of wolf eels (courtesy Eduardo Baena) for diving in British Columbia

- would like a complete Vancouver Island holiday dive package that could include dive lessons and certification upgrades, boat charters, chef prepared meals, local transportation, golf course accommodation, and more

- would like to see some beautiful westcoast wildlife and marine art from some very talented artists

- would like to Be Bold - Dive Cold and be cool, or

- would just like to visit and explore British Columbia, one of “The Best Places on Earth.....”

then please, let this BC scuba diving information site help you learn to scuba dive, or plan a scuba diving vacation in and around Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast, the Okanagan Lakes or on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Considered to be one the best dive destinations in the world, use CoolDives to gather information and to make your bookings for diving in B.C., Canada.

British Columbia's best dive sites - courtesy of DIABC and Northwest Dive News magazineThis Map of British Columbia Dive Sites has been put together by our friends at Northwest Dive News Magazine and the Dive Industry Association of British Columbia.

We have hundreds of great British Columbia dive sites, so whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are sure to experience some awesome diving!

Our water may be a little cool, but our west coast scenery is beautiful and our adventure sports, attractions and activities are endless.

We would love for you to visit and discover why Diving in British Columbia is considered one of the best places in the world for scuba diving vacations.

For a brief glimpse of scuba diving vacations and diving in British Columbia, check out our favorite YouTube scuba diving video....

Yes, it is worth putting on a drysuit for!

Cool Dives with Orcas in British Columbia t-shirtVisit the Cooldives Store to purchase one of these souvenir scuba diving in British Columbia t-shirts or other memorable gifts for divers.

Both above and below the surface, the scenery, activities and attractions here in Beautiful British Columbia are world-class!

Come on a Scuba Safari and discover why diving in British Columbia is like diving under "the Best Place on Earth," and see why we regularly win awards for our diving.


These are just a few of the compliments we have received for visitors wanting to dive in British Columbia:

Orcas (Photo by Jaime Caballero Arriaga) vspace= Marco P, Sweden - My name is Marco and I´m from Sweden. I´m planning to travel to BC for your excellent diving and this site helps me a lot. I just like to say that your site is perfect for someone that have never been to BC. I visit your site a couple of times every month to stay updated, as I said before it´s an excellent site about what´s going on in BC - Great job!!

Ken C , Kelowna, British Columbia - Thanks for your help. BTW, your website is awesome, and gives great info on the local diving and scuba diving vacations in British Columbia.

Gord V, Ontario - Trip was great, All good especially since I had no time to research this and your help got me right to where I needed to be. Thanks for your help!

Lynne F , Washington - You need to stop posting these specials -- I'm out of weekends!

Thank you all, and please remember to:

Plan your dive and dive your plan during your scuba diving vacations in BC.

Dive Safe!

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