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Simon Morris Bronze Orca Spirit Sculpture

Simon Morris Sculptures are famous around the world and we at Cooldives are pleased to introduce Simon as another amazing British Columbia marine artist.

As a diver for many years, Simon has seen some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world and is able to share that beauty with others through his brilliant cast bronze marine and other sculptures.

His limited edition bronze sculptures are coveted and displayed in private and corporate collections in many countries around the world.

Every piece of his fine marine art is hand cast in the United States using the ancient 'Cire Perdue' or 'Lost Wax' method, in strictly signed and numbered Limited Edition releases.

He can be (and has been) commissioned to create one of a kind bronze sculptures, and currently has a number of amazing limited series sculptures available for sale, such as:

- Orca Whale Bronze Sculptures

- Simon Morris Mermaid Sculptures

- Bronze Humpback Whale

- Giant Pacific Octopus

These are great keepsakes, well, collector items really, of your British Columbia, Canada scuba diving vacation.

Our Famous British Columbia Mermaid

The Emerald Princess Mermaid Sculpture by Simon Morris - photo courtesy Doug Pemberton

In 1986, Simon was commissioned to create our famous British Columbia mermaid, a nine-foot tall bronze statue, which was sunk in Saltery Bay near Powell River, British Columbia in 1989. It has since been renamed 'Mermaid Cove.'

Placed at a depth of around 60 feet, this stunningly beautiful "Emerald Princess" has been seen in pictures and has been attracting divers from around the world who come for a scuba diving vacation and to visit the Princess (Photo courtesy of Doug Pemberton).

"The Mermaid has virtually become the symbol of diving on the West Coast of British Columbia. It is difficult to find a publication about diving in our emerald seas without finding the Emerald Princess featured on the cover." - Glen McRae, Economic Development Officer, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada.

Scuba divers wanting to see our Princess underwater can work with us and our recommended Powell River/Sunshine Coast dive shop for an up-close-and-personal visit.

Simon Morris and the tropical mermaid She has been underwater for some time now and the salt water and marine life have 'weathered' her a bit - but she is still a beaut and worthy of a British Columbia dive!

In 2000, a second casting of British Columbia's mermaid was created and installed underwater at Sunset House in Grand Cayman, British West Indies.

This sister mermaid, named 'Amphitrite,' has been voted by Scuba Diving Magazine as the best shore dive on Grand Cayman!

Simon Morris Awards

Simon Morris Sculptures have been given as special awards at many prestigious events, including the Ontario Underwater Council's "Canadian Underwater Achievement Award," the "Ocean Pioneer Award" presented to Jim Willoughby, Phil Nyutten, and Dr. Michael Lepawski, and the Apnea World Championships.

He has received awards such as the Canadian National Underwater Achievement Award and an Appreciation Award from the Scuba Diving Association of British Columbia for his 'Emerald Princess.'

He has also been a featured artist at several DEMA and Our World Underwater shows, is one of the founding members of Oceans 2000, represented Canada by displaying work at the 28th Annual World Festival of Underwater Pictures, and is also a current member of the Ocean Artists' Society.

"Ocean Futures," unveiled by none other than Jacques Cousteau, was auctioned to raise funds for the Ocean Futures environmental organization, and has been represented by PADI's Project AWARE Foundation to raise funds for deserving environmental concerns.

PADI also commissioned Simon Morris Sculptures to creat life-size busts of its founders for placement in their Founder's Hall in California.

Simon Morris Art

Simon Morris and the tropical mermaid In addition to his growing undersea Simon Morris sculptures installations, Simon has created numerous other limited edition Simon Morris Sculptures series, including:

- mysterious mermaid statues and busts

- breathtaking marine life bronze sculptures including manatees, mysterious orca whales, humpback whales, dolphins, intelligent Giant Pacific Octopus and interface scenes

- figurative marine/scuba related sculptures

- custom sculpting commissions.

Cusomr bronze commission sculptures

Now living over in Victoria, British Columbia, Simon continues to create bronze masterpieces aimed at promoting and preserving our amazing oceans.

He can also be commissioned to design and create custom bronze Simon Morris sculptures to be shipped anywhere throughout the world - above or below the surface.

Simply complete the contact form below to order a Limited Edition bronze marine sculpture or to be in touch with Simon Morris, Sculptor.

And watch out here for more information about the Guardian of the Reef project - to be sunk at a designated dive destination near you soon.

Simon Morris Bronze Sculptures

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Orca Spirit Bronze Sculpture - $4,250USD
9" Mermaid Bronze Sculpture - $895USD
18" Mermaid Bronze Sculpture - $2,495USD
Giant Pacific Octopus - $3,500USD
Humpback Whale Calf (Trilogy 1) - $995USD
Hang Time 55" Technical Diver - $12,500USD
Custom Simon Morris Commission - Pricele$$

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