Snorkel With Seals - Playful Fun in Nanaimo

Snorkel with the seals in Nanaimo, British Columbia - photo courtesy of Just Dive in AdventuresA favorite Nanaimo, British Columbia activity is to snorkel with seals in the nutrient rich waters of British Columbia.

Just minutes away from Nanaimo by boat is Snake Island, home to many of Nanaimo's very popular dive sites such as Snake Island (of course), HMCS Cape Breton, HMCS Saskatchewan, and the Rivtow Lion.

And Snake Island is home to some 200 or more curious, playful little Harbour Seals that are easily viewed by snorkeling or when scuba diving in the shallow (10-25 feet) 'cool' waters near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

Snorkel with the harbour seals in Nanaimo, British Columbia - photo courtesy of Just Dive in AdventuresNanaimo dive charter operators, such as Just Dive in Adventures with owner Derek Bissell, put together great Nanaimo snorkel packages that are a fun year-round adventure for the whole family (must be comfortable in the water)!

For around $95, they equip you with the necessary snorkel gear (7mm wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins), and take you by boat for a roughly 3 hour snorkel adventure near Nanaimo and provide you with snorkel safety tips.

If you can swim, you can snorkel with the seals and this is a fun, safe activity the whole family can do together! This snorkel with seals adventure is offered to all ages but parental supervision is required.

As with all wild animals, you must treat the Harbour Seals with respect. Some days the Nanaimo seals may be playful and curious and want to check you out and look you in the face just as much as you do them.

Sometimes they may even tug at your fin just for fun!

Other days they may be a little shy and may keep their distance but you’ll definitely have an opportunity for some close encounters.

I recently had the pleasure of diving with the bigger Sea Lions at Race Rocks - what an amazing experience that was. Follow the link to see some great Sea Lion pictures.

And of course, there is also plenty of other colorful British Columbia underwater marine life to see while snorkeling near Nanaimo, including many varieties of crabs, urchins, anemones, starfish, and other fish and interesting critters. Combine that with forests of waving kelp and seals frolicking nearby and you have an amazing fun snorkel trip!

Snorkel with the harbour seals in Nanaimo, British Columbia - photo courtesy of Just Dive in AdventuresAnd with Snake Island being a natural bird sanctuary, there are always plenty of different species of birds (including bald eagles) hanging around for your above water viewing and picture taking pleasure!

The water is a little cool, but with the provided equipment you should be quite comfortable in the water. You will enjoy the benefit of a wet suit, boots, gloves, fins, mask and snorkel, along with professional teaching on a comfortable (and fun) Transport Canada certified day charter boat.

Snorkel with the harbour seals in Nanaimo, British Columbia - photo courtesy of Just Dive in AdventuresTo learn more about availability or to book your family snorkel with seals adventure while in Nanaimo, simply complete the form below and Derek from Just Dive in Adventures will be in touch...

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