Steep Island - near Campbell River on Vancouver Island

Steep Island Dive site near Campbell River British Columbia
Steep Island, located in the famous Discovery Passage approximately half way up the east coast of Vancouver Island between Campbell River and Quadra Island, is a fantastic boat/drift/wall dive in the Campbell River area.

(GPS aprox. 50.04.959’N, 125.15.336’W)

It is also another Vancouver Island dive site that has made our list as one of Vancouver Island's Best dive sites.

Life on top of colorful marine life at Steep Island

Steep Island Dive site near Campbell River British Columbia - photo courtesy of Eiko Jones

As a result of the very strong and unique tidal exchange in the Campbell River dive area, you will certainly want to book your dive trip with an experienced charter operator, such as GreenSea Diving or Abyssal Charters. And while you will probably want to dive this site many times, you are also close to other popular Campbell River dive sites such as Copper Cliffs, Row and Be Damned, the former HMCS Columbia artificial reef, and Quadra Island.

Custom wreck trek dive charter packages, wreck penetration, drysuit, enriched air and other courses can easily be arranged for you.

With many good dive locations, all full of amazing life and colors around Steep Island, it is hard to know where to start.

However, many start at the north end and then drift south (plan to dive at slack!).

Upon entering the Salish Sea at the north end, you will immediately notice life everywhere, with the hi-lite being a forest of purple featherduster worms, some as big as 2 feet across from near the surface down to the sandy bottom at around 120 or so feet (35 meters).

As you drift, the bottom shallows near the southern end of the Island, you will enter another forest in the summer months – a kelp forest full of life.

Steep Island Dive site near Campbell River British Columbia - photo of the area courtesy of Eiko Jones

And along the way, watch your depth gauges and the currents, and be on the look-out for walls full of life (you can’t miss ‘em), fields of Campbell River’s famous strawberry anemones, red and purple sea urchins, rockfish of all colors and types, numerous types of crabs including the Puget Sound king crab, anemones, nudibranch, gunnels, warbonnets, giant pacific octopus, wolfeels, sponges and corals of all shapes, sizes and colors, and tons and tons of other life.

Did we say there is tons of life to see here?

In some areas, there is not a square inch of bare rock to be found, similar to world-famous Browning Wall near Port Hardy.

CoolDives can help arrange charters to Steep Island for single divers or for groups of up to 6 divers, or full Campbell River dive, meal and accommodation packages through local operators such as GreenSea Diving.

Contact us for Campbell River and Courtenay/Comox area diving details.

There is only one Campbell River dive shop for rentals or air fills, and other Vancouver Island dive shops can be found in Courtenay or Nanaimo.

Remember to plan your dive and dive your plan.

Dive Safe.

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