HMCS MacKenzie - Another Great Artificial Reef Dive Site in British Columbia

HMCS MacKenzie dive site on Vancouver IslandThe former HMCS MacKenzie, one of 7 local artificial reefs and another great dive site near Sidney, is a 112 meter (366 foot) Canadian anti-submarine destroyer that was sunk September 16, 1995 by the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia.

She has made our list as one of Vancouver Island's Best dive sites.

The ship's keel lies in around 30 meters (90-100 feet), the radar tower stands in 10 meters (30-40 feet) and the upper deck at around 18 meters (55-65 feet).

There are mooring buoy's attached near the bow, bridge and stern for an easy descent.

You can see some great pictures on this viewer's MacKenzie dive website.

The surrounding currents can be quite strong, stirring up the sandy bottom and reducing visibility.

Lingcod on the HMCS MacKenzieWhile this ship was properly prepared to serve as an artificial wreck, with several easy openings for penetrating the ship, divers should never attempt to penetrate this or any other ship without proper training and experience.

Please remember to plan your dive and dive your plan.

There are several great HMCS MacKenzie & Sidney scuba stores if you want to book through a local dive operator.

Contact us and we'll help get you ready to dive the MacKenzie.

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MacKenzie diving near Sidney, Vancouver Island, British Columbia