Dive The Former HMCS Chaudiere"

Sunshine Coast Diving - HMCS Chaudiere (Photo courtesy of ARSBC and Carole Valkenier)The HMCS Chaudiere was the first former Destroyer Escort sunk by the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia on December 5, 1992.

This 111 meter (366 foot) wreck is now the most requested dive on the Sunshine Coast.

This YouTube Chaudiere video will give you a sneak peak at the Chaud.

I dove this artificial wreck as part of my Advanced Scuba Diving Certification, and I must say she sure is an impresssive artificial reef.

Sunshine Coast Diving - The Chaudiere on her way downAs you descend, she seems to suddenly come into view from out of nowhere.

She lies on her port side at depths ranging from 50 feet at the highest point on the starboard stern to 140 feet at the deepest part of the port bow.

For those that have their deep and wreck dive training, there are loads of exit and entry points for penetrating the ship, and directional arrows spray painted on by volunteers before she was sunk are still visible in some spots.

The ‘Chaud’ as locals call her, is located near Kunechin Point on the north end of the Sechelt Inlet on the Sunshine Coast, and is usually blessed with excellent visibility in the wintertime.

As with all of our artificial wrecks (8 now in British Columbia), they are fairly new sinkings, and the sea life continues to get better and better each dive.

Sunshine Coast Diving - Giant Ling CodAt a minimum, you can expect to see lots of plumose anemone and tunicates that have blanketed her outsides, and fish, octopus and various other guests peek out from her many compartments.

Before diving here, I suggest you talk with an experienced local Chaudiere dive shop or book your dives with a Sunshine Coast dive charter operator.

This dive can be very deep so as always, I recommend diving as part of an organized trip with a local expert.

Do you need to upgrade your dive certification, or want to have a local experienced expert Divemaster help you with gear rentals and escort you on some amazing dives - check out our Sunshine Coast Scuba Diving Packages.

And do not attempt to penetrate the ship unless you are properly trained and equipped.

Dive The Chaudiere - Where to Stay

The Sunshine Coast Resort for diving the ChaudiereIf you need a place to stay while diving the Chaud on the Sunshine Coast, I recommend the Sunshine Coast Resort which is centrally located and one of the nicest places around.

Book through CoolDives.com for three nights or more during the prime dive months in British Columbia and get your fourth night free.
Another preferred Sunshine Coast accommodation for diving the Chaudiere is the Scubashack.

Scuba diving stay and dive package deal on the Sunshine Coast of British ColumbiaExclusive Cooldives Special Dive Offer - Book your stay at the Scuba Shack in Tuwanek on the Sunshine Coast through Cooldives, and you'll be provided with 4 complimentary tanks of air for your use while enjoying the Chaudiere dive on the Sunshine Coast.

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The Scuba Shack, a comfy, well equipped 2 bedroom Sechelt rental cabin is loaded with extras and is just minutes away from the area's favorite dive site the Tuwanek dive spit.

While diving the Chaudiere and staying at the Sechelt cabin, you can take your Sechelt PADI Open Water Certification, PADI Advanced Diver Course, PADI Enriched Air Specialty Course, or the PADI Drysuit Specialty Course.

Top quality Sunshine Coast scuba diving rental gear is also available while staying at the Scuba Shack.

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