Fearney Bluffs - A Great Sunshine Coast Dive

Fearney Bluffs - Photo courtesy of the Sunshine Coast Dive ClubThe Fearney Bluffs dive site, situated about 20 minutes North-west by boat from the splendid Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, is another 'Must-do' BC dive.

This dive site is close to another great Sunshine Coast dive site - the Skookumchuck (Sechelt) Rapids.

151 Dives - Fearney Bluffs is one of the top!Betty Pratt-Johnson, author of the incredible dive resource 151 Dives in the Protected Waters of Washington State and British Columbia also considers this to be one of BC's best dive sites.

The beauty of the Fearney Bluffs world-class, 280 foot, vertical wall dive site begins above the surface, with a beautiful wall that falls straight down into the sea.

Visibility is generally between 60 feet to 80+ feet at this location, and the colorful marine life is absolutely beautiful.

As you descend down this sponge covered wall, you can initially expect to see lots of white anemones, sponges and starfish blanketing the wall.

As with most of our dive sites, the further down you go the more and the bigger the marine life gets!

You will also see various colored anemones, giant cloud sponges, chimney sponges, corals, the occasional octopus, loads of cod and other types of rockfish, seapens, crabs, swimming scallops, rock scallops, nudibranch, and much, much more.

And the currents aren't generally that bad either (but always check with the local dive shop for current conditions).

This dive site is centrally located, as you can see from this great map of the Sunshine Coast Dive area.

Fearney Bluffs - Sunshine Coast ResortIf you stay at the beautiful Sunshine Coast Resort, you will have easy access to the dive site, a marina, rental boats, ocean kayaks, scenic marine and eco tours, and a great dive boat operation with Andy from Malaspina Water Taxi.

If you like the outdoors and adventure sports, there is always something going on around Pender harbour.

And what's even better - the low tourist months during the fall and spring mean great prices at the Sunshine Coast Resort during the best time to dive in BC.

Both offer a discount for CoolDives customers so please make sure you request CoolDives pricing.

And for Sunshine Coast dive equipment rentals and air tank fills, you will want to visit Suncoast Diving (For Fearney Bluffs) in Sechelt.

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Fearney Bluffs Dive Site - Sunshine Coast of British Columbia